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The Australian Uranium Association is an Australian industry trade group representing companies involved in uranium exploration, mining and export.

The Association was formed in 2006 to act as a national advocate for uranium mining and export, and to commission research and polling on uranium mining issues. A predecessor organisation, the Uranium Information Centre, was replaced by the Association in the same year.[1]

The chairman of the Association is Rob Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of mining company Energy Resources of Australia (ERA).


The Association has two full members (the mining companies BHP Billiton and ERA), and 29 participating and associate members comprising all of Australia's uranium mining and export firms as well as explorers and project developers working to take the next set of uranium mines into production..


The Association supports increased exports of Australian uranium for power generation purposes, arguing that nuclear power produces virtually no greenhouse gas emissions,[2] is a cheap alternative to coal and oil-based energy production[3] and that if Australia becomes a major player in uranium exports it would be in a position to ensure adherence to international nuclear safety standards and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.[2] The Association maintains Australia has sufficient uranium to cater for one third of worldwide demand, and views restrictions on new mines as an issue affecting the nation's international competitiveness.[4]

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