Ayre (landform)

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The Ness of Galtagarth is connected to Isle of Yell by an ayre, in the sense of tombolo

An ayre is a body of water divided from the sea by a narrow bar of land. The term is derived from an Old Norse word meaning a lake separated by a narrow strip of low lying land from the sea. Examples of an ayre include Vasa Loch and Lairo Water on Shapinsay in the Orkney Islands. (Masters, 1840) These ayres have been suggested as food sources for Iron Age man on Shapinsay. (Hogan, 2007) Sometimes, the term ayre is used interchangeably for the tombolo associated with the narrow strip of land. (Metcalfe, 1896) Ayres are most commonly associated with the Northern Isles (Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands) of Scotland. The only man-made ayre in the Orkney Islands is the Ayre of Cara on South Ronaldsay. (South Ronaldsay, 2007)

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