Ayyanar Falls

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Ayyanar Falls
Western Ghats RYM.jpg
A remote stream near Ayyanar Kovil

Ayyanar Falls are located 10 km (6.2 mi) west of Rajapalayam, city and municipality in Virudhunagar District in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in the Western Ghats, which gets its water source mainly during the North East monsoon rain. The water from the falls is mainly used for drinking purposes by the people living in Rajapalayam.

The falls is one of the main attractions of Rajapalayam, and is a famous tourist spot for the people living in East part of Virudhunagar District, especially Srivilliputtur and Sivakasi. It provides good opportunity for woodland mountain climbing. A dam is situated on the way to Ayyanar Falls which provides water for the whole city.

The name Ayyanar is given to these falls because there is a small forest temple named Ayyanar Temple beside the falls.

Water from Ayyanar Falls is the only source of water for irrigation developments in the city of Rajapalayam.

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