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Bad Brains
Studio album by Bad Brains
Released February 1982
Recorded August – October 1981 (except "Pay to Cum", "I Luv I Jah", and "Jah Calling" recorded live at 171-A Studios on May 16, 1981)
Genre Hardcore punk, reggae
Length 33:56
Label ROIR
Bad Brains chronology
Bad Brains
Rock for Light
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
Robert Christgau (B+)[2] 5/5 stars[3]

Bad Brains is the first full-length studio album recorded by Bad Brains. It was originally released on cassette only, but has since been re-released by ROIR on both CD and vinyl.

When the album was released in 1982, fans and critics alike were stunned to learn that the musicians behind this album – one of the fastest albums of all time upon its release – were African-American Rastafarians who also were skilled at reggae. The album was a crucial step in the formation of hardcore punk and the eventual fusion of hard rock and reggae adopted later by bands like Sublime, Fishbone, and 311.[citation needed]

Many of the album's tracks were re-recorded for their 1983 follow-up, Rock for Light. Rock for Light did not contain re-recordings of "Don't Need It", "The Regulator", "Jah Calling", "Leaving Babylon", "Pay to Cum", "I Luv Jah" and "Intro". In-Effect Records released a CD version with the same track listing titled Attitude: The ROIR Sessions in 1991.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sailin' On" – 1:55
  2. "Don't Need It" – 1:07
  3. "Attitude" – 1:19
  4. "The Regulator" – 1:07
  5. "Banned in D.C." – 2:12
  6. "Jah Calling" – 2:31
  7. "Supertouch/Shitfit" – 2:30
  8. "Leaving Babylon" – 4:10
  9. "Fearless Vampire Killers" – 1:07
  10. "I" – 2:05
  11. "Big Take Over" – 2:57
  12. "Pay to Cum" – 1:25
  13. "Right Brigade" – 2:27
  14. "I Luv I Jah" – 6:24
  15. "Intro" – 0:45

1996 re-issue bonus track[edit]

  1. "Jah the Conqueror" – 2:05


Other credits[edit]

Recorded by Jay Dublee and mixed by Jay Dublee with the assistance of Bad Brains. Art work on cover by Mir* aka David Lee Parsons aka Dave Ratcage, with photography by Laura Levine. Concept by Neil Cooper. All material was recorded at 171-A Studios, N.Y.C, during August, September, and October 1981, except "Pay to Cum", "I Luv I Jah" and "Jah Calling Dub" recorded live at 171-A on May 16, 1981.

In 2008, the track "Right Brigade" was featured on the hardcore radio station in the computer game Grand Theft Auto 4 and was included on its soundtrack.

Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys has been quoted as saying that this album is "the best punk/hardcore album of all time".[1]

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