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Baekje Military Museum is a public museum in Nonsan, South Korea elucidating the military history of the later Baekje kingdom. The museum includes artifacts, reconstructed weapons and armor, dioramas, and a reconstructed defense wall. It opened in 2002. [1] Hours are nine to six except on Mondays and the Chuseok and Lunar New Year holidays. The museum is administered by Nonsan's city government. It is located just north of Tapjeong Reservoir, off highway 4 / 1.


*백ㅈㅔ 국 사박물관 Nonsan. (museum brochure)

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Coordinates: 36°11′33″N 127°10′52″E / 36.1924°N 127.1812°E / 36.1924; 127.1812