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Bandar Jasin Bestari ( Jasin Smart City ) is a proposed central township for Jasin District, Melaka, Malaysia led by Customary Land Corporation (PERTAM). The proposal is to move the center of Jasin Town into a new area that is more suitable for a town center. Jasin's Old Town is quite dense and future development potential is limited. Bandar Jasin Bestari is situated at the main road between Melaka Town and Jasin Old Town. The 25 minute drive to the Jasin Tolls of the PLUS Highway and 20 minutes to the Ayer Keroh Toll make the new city accessible from the major highway. Bandar Jasin Bestari contains residential areas, a business center, a shopping complex (Mydin), a school, recreational areas and petrol stations.


Jasin is due south of Melaka City. It neighbors Gemas District, Negeri Sembilan and Muar/Ledang district, Johor.

Phase 1[edit]

Develop by Sialin Sdn Bhd

  • Duplex Bungalow Units
  • Single Storey Bungalow Units
  • Duplex & Triplex Shop Office Units

Phase 2[edit]

Develop by Sialin Sdn Bhd

  • Duplex & Triplex Shop Office Units

Phase 3[edit]

Develop by Pemaju Suria

  • Terrace House Units
  • Commercial Units

Phase 4[edit]

Develop by Sialin Sdn Bhd

  • Gated Bungalow Units
  • Duplex Shop Office Units

Public Facilities[edit]

  • Proposed Mosque
  • Proposed Private Medical Centre
  • Proposed Al Fresco Dining
  • Proposed Private University or College
  • Proposed Public Park
  • Proposed Primary School
  • Proposed Low Cost Apartment


Proposed bypass to Jasin Exit (North South Express Way) in the near future.

List of Towns in Jasin District[edit]

  • Pekan Batang Melaka
    • Batang Melaka is a small town in Jasin with a mini train station.
  • Pekan Selandar
    • Selandar is a small town in Jasin that caters to students, residents and some small-business people.
  • Pekan Nyalas
  • Pekan Asahan
  • Jasin Old Town
    • The current center of Jasin district. A business center and a government center.
  • Pekan Bemban
  • Pekan Merlimau
    • Second largest town after Jasin Town, a business center and industrial area for Jasin district.
  • Pekan Sungai Rambai ( South Gate )

Jasin Market and Shopping Center[edit]



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Sialin Holdings *[2]


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Coordinates: 2°19′N 102°26′E / 2.317°N 102.433°E / 2.317; 102.433