Bantu Holomisa

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Bantubonke Harrington Holomisa
Born Mqanduli, Eastern Cape
Nationality  South Africa
Citizenship South African
Occupation Politician
Title Leader
Successor UDM
Political party
United Democratic Movement

Bantubonke Harrington Holomisa[1] (born 25 July 1955[1][2]) is a South African Member of Parliament[1] and President of the United Democratic Movement.[2]

Holomisa was born in Mqanduli, Eastern Cape.[1] He joined the Transkei Defence Force in 1976[1] and had become a Brigadier by 1985.[1][3]

Holomisa forced the resignation and exile of Prime Minister of Transkei George Matanzima in October 1987[4][5] and overthrew Matanzima's successor, Prime Minister Stella Sigcau[6] in December 1987. Holomisa then became the Transkei's head of government from 1987 to 1994, when Transkei was reintegrated into South Africa.[1]

National Politics[edit]

In 1994 Holomisa was elected to the African National Congress National Executive Committee,[1][2] and was the Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism of South Africa.[1][7] After testifying at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission he was expelled from the ANC[7] on 30 September 1996.[8]

He co-founded the United Democratic Movement in 1997[7] with Roelf Meyer,[9] and was elected to parliament in 1999.[1][7]


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