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Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game (BFRPG) is "(a)n old-school roleplaying game in the style of Moldvay and Cook",[1] written by Chris Gonnerman and many other contributors. It is freely available in PDF and OpenDocument formats, along with numerous supplements, from the game's website.[2] BFRPG is stylistically similar to, and largely compatible with, the 1981 Dungeons & Dragons Basic and Expert sets ("B/X D&D") edited by Tom Moldvay and Zeb Cook respectively. Its differences from B/X D&D include d20-style ascending armor class and separation of character race and class. Gonnerman first announced BFRPG on the website on 20 January 2006, when the rules were at Release 9.[1] BFRPG Release 62, released on 17 February 2007, was marked as the First Edition and made available on the print-on-demand site Lulu.[3] BFRPG Release 75, released on 15 July 2008, was marked as the Second Edition and is currently available from Lulu.[4]

Gonnerman drew on his previously designed RPG, Project 74,[5][6] as well as some descriptive text from the D&D 3.5 SRD and Castles & Crusades, for material to create Basic Fantasy.[1] The game has been positively received.[7][8][9][10] Criticism of BFRPG has focused on its deviations from B/X D&D, particularly in comparison to Labyrinth Lord, another "retro-clone" RPG.[7]


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