Battle of Finschhafen

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Battle of Finschhafen
Part of World War II, Pacific War
Date September – 2 October 1943
Location Finschhafen area, Morobe Province, Territory of New Guinea
Result Allied victory
 Australia Japan Empire of Japan

The Battle of Finschhafen was part of the Huon Peninsula campaign during the Second World War between September and October 1943 between Australian and Japanese forces. The operation to capture Finschhafen was important to capture the western cape of the Vitiaz Strait for the construction of airfields and naval facilities for the upcoming New Britain campaign as part of Operation Cartwheel.


Finschhafen was occupied by the Imperial Japanese Army on 10 March 1942. Following the landing at Nadzab and capture of Lae, the Allies attempted to exploit their success with an advance to Finschhafen to begin the Huon Peninsula campaign.



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