Battle of Gaza (312 BC)

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Battle of Gaza
Part of the Third war of the Diadochi
Date 312 BC
Location Gaza
Result Ptolemaic victory
Ptolemy I Soter Demetrius I of Macedon
Commanders and leaders
Ptolemy I Soter
Seleucus I Nicator
Berenice I of Egypt
Demetrius I of Macedon
18,000 infantry,
4,000 cavalry
12,500 infantry,
4,400 cavalry,
43 war elephants
Casualties and losses
Unknown 500 killed,
8,000 captured,
43 war elephants

The Battle of Gaza was a battle of the Third war of the Diadochi between Ptolemy (satrap of Egypt) and Demetrius (son of Antigonus I Monophthalmus).

Ptolemy launched an invasion of Syria. With 18,000 infantry and 4,000 cavalry he arrived to Gaza in early 312 BC.

Demetrius decided to offer him battle, but was routed; losing 500 men killed, a further 8,000 taken prisoner, and losing all his elephants. He retreated to Tripolis in Phoenicia.


  • left wing: 2,900 cavalry, 1,500 light infantry and 30 war elephants under Demetrius command
  • center: 11,000 infantry phalanx and 13 elephants
  • right wing: 1,500 cavalry


  • left wing: 3,000 cavalry
  • center: 18,000 phalanx
  • right wing: 1,000 cavalry

Popular culture[edit]

Alfred Duggan's novel on the life of Demetrius, Elephants and Castles, covers the battle.

The third novel in Christian Cameron's Tyrant series, Funeral Games features the Battle of Gaza.

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