Battle of Rueda

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Battle of Rueda
Part of the Reconquista
Ramiro III of León.jpg
Ramiro III of León who abdicated the throne after the disastrous loss at Rueda.
Date 981
Location Rueda, Valladolid, Roa, Spain
Result Victory for Al-andalus
Leon banner.svg Kingdom of León
Banner of arms kingdom of Castile.svg County of Castile
Bandera de Reino de Navarra.svg Kingdom of Navarre
Allah.svgCaliphate of Córdoba
Commanders and leaders
Leon banner.svg Ramiro III of León
Banner of arms kingdom of Castile.svg García Fernández of Castile
Bandera de Reino de Navarra.svg Sancho II of Pamplona
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The Battle of Rueda (981) was a battle of the Spanish Reconquista that took place near the town of Rueda, Valladolid, Roa, Spain between the Muslim forces of Al-Andalus, commanded by Almanzor, and the combined forces of the Christian kingdoms of Leon and Navarre, plus the County of Castile, led by King Ramiro III of Leon, García Fernández of Castile and Sancho II of Pamplona. The battle ended in a disastrous defeat for the Christian kingdoms and resulted in the rebellion of the Galician nobles and the eventual abdication of King Ramiro III in favor of Bermudo II of León.

The battle took place about 32 kilometers south west of Valladolid. The battle followed a similar defeat at the Battle of Torrevicente.

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