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"Bedelia" (1946).jpg
Directed by Lance Comfort
Produced by Isadore Goldsmith
Written by Vera Caspary
Herbert Victor
Isadore Goldsmith
Based on the novel by Vera Caspary
Starring Margaret Lockwood
Ian Hunter
Anne Crawford
Music by Hans May
Cinematography Freddie Young
British National Films
John Corfield Productions
Distributed by Eagle-Lion Films (US)
General Film Distributors (UK)
J. Arthur Rank Film (Germany)
Release dates
Running time
90 minutes
Country UK
Box office $350,000 (US)[1]

Bedelia is a 1946 British drama film directed by Lance Comfort and starring Margaret Lockwood, Ian Hunter and Barry K. Barnes.[2] It is an adaptation of the novel Bedelia by Vera Caspary with events moved from the United States to England and Monaco.


Bedelia Carrington (Margaret Lockwood) is apparently happily married and living in Monte Carlo with Charlie Carrington (Ian Hunter.) However, a cultivated young artist, Ben Chaney (Barry K. Barnes), begins probing into her past with curious concern. Chaney, in reality a detective, suspects that Bedelia's obsession for money has led her, in the past, to dispose of more than one husband for the insurance money.[3]

Main cast[edit]


The film was made with two endings, one for England, the other for the US.[4]


The movie was the first released in America by Rank under its new agreement with Eagle Lion Films. Rank hoped it would be a success, but it only grossed $350,000.[1]

In terms of the critics, TV Guide noted, "Margaret Lockwood appears in one of her best villainous roles, played this time with subtlety";[5] while Leonard Maltin called the film "absorbing but not terribly suspenseful";[3] The New York Times described it as "pretty much of a disappointment";[6] and Noir of the Week wrote, "Laura is often identified as one of the all-time great noir films...but in many ways, Bedelia is the better, more complex, and subversive film." [7]


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