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BlueArc Corporation
Subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.
Industry Data storage devices
Founded 1998
Headquarters San Jose, California
Key people
Mike Gustafson, president and CEO
Products Titan 1100, 2100, 2200, 2500, 3100 and 3200
Parent Hitachi Data Systems

BlueArc Corporation is an American computer network storage device manufacturer headquartered in San Jose, California. BlueArc was founded in 1998 by Geoff Barrall,[1] Jeff Pinkham and Jon Meyer. Initially based in the United Kingdom, BlueArc transitioned its HQ to the US (Mountain View, California) in 2000 and became a US corporation at that time. It maintained an engineering facility in England. The company moved to San Jose in July 2001.[2] BlueArc was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems on September 7, 2011.[3][4]

BlueArc's products are network-attached storage (NAS) systems that are sold either as appliances bundled with storage, or as "NAS heads" supporting third-party storage area network connected storage. The product line included the low-end 1000 series, midrange 2000 series and high-end 3000 series.

BlueArc competes with offerings from companies such as EMC Corporation, NetApp, Oracle Corporation and smaller companies including Isilon. The company distributed its products on a direct basis, through third-party resellers, and by OEM partners, including a 5-year global agreement with Hitachi Data Systems.[5] BlueArc's products can be clustered together into groups of up to 8 nodes. Some competing systems from Isilon, and NetApp offer similar clustering capabilities.

BlueArc's hardware is implemented on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. BlueArc announced a record for single system and dual system performance on SPECsfs, an Network File System (NFS) test provided by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, in June 2008.[6][7]


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