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"Blue Star" is a popular song.

The theme music of the television series, Medic, was written by Victor Young and copyright on February 17, 1955 under the title "The Medic Theme." A set of lyrics were written by Edward Heyman (who had a history of collaborating with Young) and with those lyrics and under the new title "Blue Star," a new copyright was issued on May 5, 1955.

A version of the song recorded by Felicia Sanders (released as Columbia Records as catalog number 40508, with the flip side "My Love's a Gentle Man,"[1]) was a top-30 hit in that year.

In Indonesia this song was better known as Bintang Malam as it was recorded in 1955 by popular Krontjong (Keroncong) artist Rudi Wairata and his Amboina Serenaders (Amboina LP - CID/RCA Records). It featured Rudi Wairata on both lead vocals and steel guitar. An instrumental guitar version of Bintang Malam was recorded and popularized by Dutch Indorock group the Black Dynamites a.k.a. Los Indonesios.

The Black Dynamites performed this song live on stage in both Holland and Germany during their early years (1957-1962).

In the UK Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra had a No 2 hit with Blue Star (The Medic Theme) featuring the vocals of Julie Dawn, which remained in the charts for 12 weeks from September 1955.

Pianist George Greeley recorded an instrumental version in 1963 on his Reprise Records album Piano Rhapsodies of Love. Another instrumental version was also recorded by The Shadows in 1961 and by The Ventures in 1966.

The song was covered by Hong Kong female singer Kong Ling, on her LP album This World We Live In (catalog number LP-1015) with Diamond Records (now UMG) in 1964.


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