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The combination of various bongo drums that result in an upbeat form of fast paced percussions – most commonly composed of bongo drums and referred to as bongo music. This type of music has very rapid and lively beats.

The sounds of the bongo drums have been associated with many different cultures. For example there had been a variety of indigenous societies around the world that had embraced the sounds of these drums. These traditional sounds were utilized in civilizations that spanned through Africa, Central America and South America, all of which have shared in the various types of music.

More recently, the bongo drum has been intergraded into the Latin genre of music. Artists including but not limited to Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra, Gipsy Kings, Buena Vista Social Club, Chachao, Seu Jorge [1], Frank Zappa [2], Kanda Bongo Man, Sam Flintrop, La Mano Negra, Ruben Gonzales, Autro Sandoval, Luis Fonsi have made bongo music essential to their upbeat sound.

Bongo music is also necessary for many types of dances that are typical to Latin and Central America. Some of these dances include the Bolero, Carimbo, Conga, Coumbia, Joropo, Lambada, Mambo etc.