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Studio album by Betty Boo
Released September, 1990 [UK]
October 23, 1990 [US]
Recorded September, 1989 - April, 1990, Engineer - Mark Gilbert
Genre Pop-Rap, Dance-Pop
Length 47:47
56:51 [Incl. Bonus Tracks]
Label Rhythm King, Sire
Producer King John, Betty Boo, The Beatmasters, Yvonne Ellis, Paul Myers, Dean Ross, William Orbit
Betty Boo chronology
GRRR! It's Betty Boo
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Boomania was the first and most popular album by Betty Boo. It was released in 1990, and was re-released as a remix album: Doin' the Do: The Best of Betty Boo in 1999. King John (a duo comprising Rex Brough and John Coxon) produced most of the songs. Coxon continued to collaborate with Betty Boo on her second album, GRRR! It's Betty Boo.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Where Are You Baby?" - 4:15
  2. "Hey DJ / I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playing)" - 3:16
  3. "Boo Is Booming" - 3:27
  4. "Boo's Boogie" - 3:21
  5. "24 Hours" - 3:29
  6. "Valentine's Day" - 4:45
  7. "Doin' the Do" (King John 7" Mix) - 4:06
  8. "('Til My Last Breath) Doin' It To Def" - 4:45
  9. "Don't Know What To Do" - 3:52
  10. "Shame" - 5:03
  11. "Mumbo Jumbo" - 3:41
  12. "Leave Me Alone" - 4:47
  13. "Doin' the Do" (7" Radio Mix) - 3:43*
  14. "Where Are You Baby?" (King John Mix) - 4:20*

*At least one CD release, as well as the vinyl, did not have the last two "bonus" tracks. The UK cassette includes the bonus tracks, but "Doin' the Do (7" Radio Mix)" is moved to the end of side one, after "Valentine's Day".

Sampled tracks[edit]

  • Track #1 - "Where Are You Baby?" looped piano sequence is a slightly different sampled arrangement taken from "The Velvelettes - He was really saying something".
  • Track #2 - "Hey DJ/ I Can't Dance" is based on "Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - I can't dance to that music you're playin'".
  • Track #3 - "Boo is booming" the whistle hook/riff in the background appears to be sourced from "Bobby Bloom - Montego Bay".
  • Track #7 - "Doin' the Do" features a similar melody hook from the 1968 song "Captain of your Ship" - "Reparata and the Delrons".
  • Track #10 - "Shame" appears to be using the first second of "SLY & The Family Stone - It's a Family Affair"; looped, with a modified (sined) pitch bend (0<->4 semitones). It also shares a *remarkably similar bass line arrangement to "Esther Phillips - What a difference a day makes". (*Appreciated musically professional verification/feedback.)