Borovo Naselje

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Borovo Naselje
City district of Vukovar
Country  Croatia
City Vukovar
Factories and mass housing at Borovo Naselje
Borovo Naselje is the northern half of Vukovar, located between the old part of Vukovar and the village of Borovo

Borovo Naselje is a Vukovar borough located on the right bank of the Danube river in the Croatian region of Slavonia, 4 kilometers northwest of Vukovar town centre; elevation 90 m. The economy is based on rubber and shoe industries. The routes D2, D55 and D519 intersect in Borovo Naselje, connecting Vukovar to Osijek, Vinkovci and Dalj, respectively. The borough is named after the nearby village of Borovo, which is sometimes distinguished from it by being called Borovo Selo (selo means "village"; naselje means "settlement").


Borovo Naselje sprung up around the Borovo rubber products factory, built and owned by Tomáš Baťa before World War II. The entire town was built around the factory to provide housing and other necessary institutions for the employees. The town grew and finally merged with the neighboring town of Vukovar. After Borovo Naselje merged with Vukovar, it shed its name and became a part of Vukovar, but it's still known as Borovo Naselje among the locals.


Borovo Naselje was also known for its vast sporting infrastructure and facilities, which were some of the best in the former Yugoslavia. It was home to tennis facilities, swimming pools, an aerosport club, football clubs and fields, boxing and karate facility as well as a main indoor sports arena, which sometimes hosted national Yugoslavian and international matches. Since the war, much of these once grand sporting facilities lie in tatters and ruin and are slowly being rebuilt.


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