Box Hill High School

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Box Hill High School
Box Hill High school vector logo.svg
Latin: Ad Altiora Certamus
To The Highest Endeavour
Box Hill, VIC, Australia
Coordinates 37°49′13″S 145°8′15″E / 37.82028°S 145.13750°E / -37.82028; 145.13750Coordinates: 37°49′13″S 145°8′15″E / 37.82028°S 145.13750°E / -37.82028; 145.13750
Type Public School
Established 1930
Principal Kate Mitchell
Enrolment 1123 (as of 2013) [1]
Colour(s) Blue, gold, white

Box Hill High School is a co-educational public secondary school located on the corner of Middleborough Road and Whitehorse Road in the eastern suburb of Box Hill in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

With an enrolment of 1,123 students (as of 2013),[1] it caters for students from years 7 through to 12. Year 11 and 12 students undertake the VCE program.

Box Hill High School offers SEAL and engineering programs.


Established in 1930 as a single-sex boys school, Box Hill High School is now a co-educational school. In 2007-2009, a large upgrade of the facilities, funded by the Victorian State Government, was undertaken. These upgrades included the creation of a number of new classrooms, a new gym, library, numerous computer labs and the refurbishment of existing science classrooms. A few classrooms still have original blackboards and facilities from the school's opening but the majority have been replaced. Almost all rooms, including those with the older blackboards, now have digital whiteboards.

Accelerated Program (SEAL)[edit]

Box Hill High School runs an extensive Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL) for gifted students, which teaches the curriculum to these students at an accelerated rate. Box Hill was only the second public school in Victoria to introduce such a program. Entrance to the program is selective, and determined by examinations undertaken by the students in Year 6. Within the program, syllabus from Years 7-10 are compacted into three years along with curriculum enrichment and extension. Year 9 students in the Accelerated Program have the option of various pathways. These pathways include a fourth year of an accelerated/extended nature, a partial Year 10 and partial VCE, and full VCE. Students who proceed to a full VCE in the fourth year may also choose to study extra units at VCE level and to complete an extended VCE taken over three years rather than the usual two. Students are strongly encouraged to take the extended VCE rather than the two year VCE, regardless of their plans for the future.

Extension Programs[edit]

Box Hill High School runs different extension programs. They include quick smart, different science programs and lunchtime clubs. These clubs are sometimes run by older students, and cover various topics from anime to video games.

Engineering Program[edit]

Box Hill High School has an extensive engineering program with subjects offered in throughout years 8 to 11. Students are also free to use the Faculty of Engineering Technology's (FET) facilities during break times and after school. In Year 8 students are given the opportunity to study electrical and mechanical technology, each as its own elective running for a semester. In Year 9, students can under Mechatronics, using knowledge from Year 8 to design and build their own unique robotic vehicle, capable of autonomous travel. During Years 10 and 11 an Engineering Project is offered. Students normally work in small teams to build their own project, the only requirement being that it contains both electrical and mechanical technology.

Model Solar Car[edit]

Box Hill High School has a very extensive model solar car program, run by its dedicated Faculty of Engineering Technology (FET). In 2013 around 120 students built 29 cars in teams to enter the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge.[2] Teams from Box Hill High School came in 1st and 3rd place at the state competition. 3 teams then attended the nationals (one of which was offered a wild card). At nationals 2 of the 3 teams made the top 8. The school has been competing in the competition since 2001 where the school started building 3 cars with 20 students, and has collected multiple awards at both the state and national competitions. The program is assisted by volunteering engineers and former students, and students within it are taken through all steps of the engineering process. Every year more and more students at Box Hill High School participate in the model solar car program.


Box Hill High School also participates in RoboCup. It is run by the FET, with teams of interested students participating in all 3 divisions- Dance, Rescue and Soccer. Box Hill High School participates in both junior and senior RoboCup.


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