Brazil women's national water polo team

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The Brazil women's national water polo team represents Brazil in international women's water polo competitions and friendly matches.


Olympic Games[edit]

Olympic Year Tournament[edit]

  • 199612th place

World Championship[edit]

  • 1986did not compete
  • 19918th place
  • 199411th place
  • 199810th place
  • 200110th place
  • 200312th place
  • 2005did not compete
  • 200710th place
  • 201114th place
  • 201314th place

FINA World League[edit]

  • 2004did not compete
  • 2005eliminated
  • 2006eliminated
  • 2007did not compete

FINA World Cup[edit]

  • 1979did not compete
  • 1980did not compete
  • 1981did not compete
  • 1983did not compete
  • 1984did not compete
  • 1988did not compete
  • 1989did not compete
  • 19918th place
  • 1993did not compete
  • 1995did not compete
  • 1997did not compete
  • 1999did not compete
  • 2002did not compete
  • 20067th place

Pan American Games[edit]


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