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Tenor Vossa And TV Records photo.jpg
Tenor Vossa & TV Records photo by Ari Neufeld
Background information
Origin England
Genres Post-punk, dream pop, indie rock
Years active 1984–present
Labels Tenor Vossa
Associated acts This Mortal Coil
Members Dominic Appleton (1984-present)
Gary Mundy (1984-present)
Ari Neufeld (1984-present)
Tristram Latimer-Sayer (1984-1987, 2011-present)
Past members Martyn Watts (1987-2006)

Breathless are an English band that has existed since the 1980s, led by Dominic Appleton. Breathless were described by LA Weekly as producing “Melodies so lush they could drink a concrete statue of Oliver Reed under the table”[citation needed]. Appleton is also known for his vocal performances on three tracks on This Mortal Coil's 1986 album Filigree & Shadow.[1]

The most recent Breathless album, Green to Blue (2012), featured special guest and This Mortal Coil alumna Heidi Berry, as well as the return of original drummer Tristram Latimer Sayer. His predecessor Martyn Watts had performed with the group from 1987-2006.)[2]


  • Dominic Appleton (vocals, keyboards)
  • Gary Mundy (guitars, additional voices)
  • Ari Neufeld (bass, additional guitar, EBow)
  • Tristram Latimer-Sayer (drums/percussion)


Singles and EPs[edit]

  • "Waterland"/"Second Heaven" 7" (Tenor Vossa, 1984)
  • "Ageless" 12" (Tenor Vossa, 1984) (UK Indie No. 34)[1]
  • "Two Days from Eden" 12" (Tenor Vossa, 1985) Deleted
  • "Nailing Colours to the Wheel" 12" (Tenor Vossa, 1986)
  • "I Never Know Where You Are" 12" (Tenor Vossa, 1989)
  • "Always" 12"/7" (Tenor Vossa, 1990)
  • "Over and Over" CDS (Tenor Vossa, 1991)
  • "Don't Just Disappear" CDS (Tenor Vossa, 1993)
  • "Magic Lamp" CDS (Tenor Vossa, 1999)
  • "Walk Down to the Water"/"Goodnight" CDS (Tenor Vossa, 2000)
  • "After All These Years" CDS (Tenor Vossa, 2003)
  • "Next Time You Fall (Edit)" / "I Want You To Realise" Download Only Single (Tenor Vossa 2012)
  • "Please Be Happy" 12" EP (Tenor Vossa 2013)


  • The Glass Bead Game LP (Tenor Vossa, 1986)
  • Three Times and Waving LP (Tenor Vossa, 1987)
  • Chasing Promises LP/CD - U.K. Release (Tenor Vossa, 1989)
  • Chasing Promises LP/CD - U.S. Release (Troy 005)
  • Between Happiness and Heartache LP/CD (Tenor Vossa, 1991)
  • Heartburst CD - U.K. Release (Tenor Vossa, 1994)
    • Heartburst CD - U.S. Release (Satellite, 1994)
  • Blue Moon (Tenor Vossa, 1999)
    • Blue Moon (Limited edition with bonus Moonstone instrumental CD, Tenor Vossa, 1999)
    • Moonstone (Tenor Vossa - Limited edition instrumental CD companion to Blue Moon)
  • Behind the Light (Tenor Vossa, 2003)
  • Green to Blue (Tenor Vossa, 2012)


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