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Brigade Nord (Brig. N.; Northern Brigade) is the only brigade in the Norwegian Army.[1] It is mostly based in mid-Troms (Bardu and Målselv) north of the Arctic Circle.[2] Until 2009, the brigade was part of the 6th Division.


  • Telemark Bataljon - Combined Arms Battalion (Rena) Operating from Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks, CV9030 Armoured Personnel Carriers and Iveco Light Multirole Veichle.
  • Panserbataljonen - Armored Battalion (Setermoen) Operating from Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks and CV9030 Armoured Personnel Carriers.
  • 2. Bataljon - Motorized Infantry Battalion (Skjold)
  • Artilleribataljonen - Artillery Battalion (Setermoen) Using M109A3GNM Howitzers.
  • Ingeniørbataljonen - Combat Engineer Battalion (Skjold) Operating from variants of M113 APC's and special purpose tanks on Leopard 1 chassis.
  • Etterretningsbataljonen - Battlefield Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering & Electronic Warfare Battalion (Setermoen)
  • Sambandsbataljonen - Signal Battalion (Bardufoss)
  • Sanitetsbataljonen - Medical Battalion (Setermoen)
  • CSS-bataljonen - Combat Service Support (Logistics) Battalion (Bardufoss) Using
  • Hærens befalsskole Norwegian Army Officer School (Rena)
  • Jegerkompaniet - Ranger Company (Lakselv) (No more in existence)
  • MP-kompaniet - Military Police Company (Bardufoss)