CERH Women's European League

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CERH Women's European League
Roller hockey pictogram.svg
Founded 2007
Region Europe (CERH)
Number of teams 16
Current champions  Spain CP Alcorcón(1st title)
Most successful team(s)  Spain Biesca Gijón HC (4 titles)
Website http://www.cerh.eu
2014-15 CERH Women's European League

The CERH Women's European League or Women's Roller Hockey European League is an annual roller hockey club competition organized by CERH (Comité Européen de Rink-Hockey) with the most successful women' teams of Europe. Since its foundation in 2007 the Spanish teams have dominated the competition.


Year Host City Winner 2nd place Score
2006/07 Spain Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Spain Spain Gijón HC Spain CE Arenys de Munt 1–0
2007/08 Portugal Mealhada, Portugal Spain CP Voltregà Portugal Fundação Nortecoope 2–1
2008/09 France Coutras, France Spain Gijón HC Spain CP Voltregà 1–0
2009/10 Spain Gijón, Spain Spain Gijón HC Spain CP Alcorcón 5–2
2010/11 Germany Weil am Rhein, Germany Spain CP Voltregà Spain Gijón HC 2–1
2011/12 Portugal Almargem do Bispo, Portugal Spain Gijón HC Spain Girona CH 3–0
2012/13 Spain Girona, Spain Spain CP Voltregà Spain Girona CH 3–2
2013/14 France Coutras, France Spain CP Alcorcón France CS Noisy le Grand 4–3

Wins by team[edit]

Wins Team
4 Spain Gijón HC
3 Spain CP Voltregà
1 Spain CP Alcorcón

Wins by Country[edit]

Wins Country
8 Spain Spain

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