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Cabarrus County Schools is a local education agency headquartered in Concord, North Carolina. The system presides over the vast majority of Cabarrus County, North Carolina, the exception being an area of Kannapolis in the northern part of the county that operates its own district. The current (interim) superintendent is Dr.Chris Lowder, Dr. Barry Shepherd retired April 1, 2015.


Traditional K-12 Schools[edit]

The following lists the high schools of the system, including their feeder elementary and middle schools. Some exceptions to the following diagram exist, but this depiction is typically accurate. (Note: high schools are grades 9-12; middle schools 6-8; and elementary schools K-5)

President George W. Bush giving a speech at Concord Middle School in 2001.
  • Concord High School, 1912 (Spiders)
    • Concord Middle School
    • Harold Winkler Middle School (2011) "(split)"
      • Beverly Hills Elementary School
      • Coltrane-Webb Elementary School
      • R. Brown McAllister Elementary School
      • Royal Oaks Elementary School
      • W.M. Irvin Elementary School
  • Mount Pleasant High School, 1928 (Tigers)
    • Mount Pleasant Middle School
      • Mount Pleasant Elementary School
  • Central Cabarrus High School, 1966 (Vikings)
    • C.C. Griffin Middle School
      • A.T. Allen Elementary School
      • Bethel Elementary School
      • Harrisburg Elementary School
      • Rocky River Elementary School
      • Wolf Meadow Elementary School
  • Northwest Cabarrus High School, 1966 (Trojans)
    • Northwest Cabarrus Middle School
      • Charles E. Boger Elementary School (2007)
      • Weddington Hills Elementary School (split)
      • Winecoff Elementary School
      • W.R. Odell Elementary School
  • Jay M. Robinson High School, 2001 (Bulldogs)
    • Harold Winkler Middle School (2011) "(split)"
      • Furr Elementary School (2007)
      • Pitts School Road Elementary School
      • Wolf Meadow Elementary School
      • Weddington Hills Elementary School (split)
  • Hickory Ridge High School, 2007 (Raging Bulls)
    • C.C. Griffin Middle School
      • Harrisburg Elementary School
    • Hickory Ridge Middle School (2010)
      • Pitts School Road Elementary School (split)
      • Rocky Rocky River Elementary School
      • Patriots Elementary School
  • Cox Mill High School, 2009 (Chargers)
    • Harris Road Middle School(split)
      • Cox Mill Elementary School (2002)
      • W.R. Odell Elementary School (first established in 1929)
  • J.N. Fries Magnet Middle School

J N Fries Magnet Middle is a magnet school serving students that meet certain academic requirements. There is no home school crowd. It has the International Baccalaureate as well as the STEM program.

Non-Traditional Schools[edit]

  • Glenn Center (alternative school)
  • Long Preschool (Grade Pre-K)
  • Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School
  • Performance Learning Center
  • Lockhart Early Learning Center


As the population of Cabarrus County has exploded over the past fifteen years, so too has the size of the school system. In 2001 the county opened Jay M. Robinson High School, the first new high school in Cabarrus County in 35 years. However, new schools at all three levels tend to become quickly overcrowded (Robinson High School, built for 1,500 students, opened in the fall of 2005 with nearly 1,800 students enrolled). Therefore, new schools are being constantly planned and added, with eight new schools having been constructed since 1996 (plus four new buildings for outdated existing schools).

Soccer Partnership[edit]

Since 2005 FC Carolina Alliance Youth Soccer Club has served as the administrator for Cabarrus County Schools Middle School Soccer League. FCCA provides the venue, schedule, uniforms, coaches, referees, and end-of-season awards for a successful middle school soccer program. The program is open to all middle school boys and girls. Each school may enter a maximum of 2 teams in the boy’s league, and 2 teams in the girl’s league. (If a school is only able to form a co-ed team then that team will play in the boys division.) The program is run in a league format with an end-of-season play off tournament. Each team plays between 8-12 games, depending on their play-off results. The partnership with FCCA was terminated in 2014.

FCCA also works with Cabarrus County School's "Kid's Plus" after-school program, providing free soccer clinics to Cabarrus County elementary schools.

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