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This article is about the appliance brand. For the Caloric theory, see Caloric theory. For the unit of energy, see calorie. For the neurological test, see Caloric reflex test.

Caloric is a brand of kitchen appliances, currently owned by JMM Lee Properties, LLC, which dates back to 1903.


Caloric Corporation began as the Klein Stove Company in Philadelphia in 1890.[1] The Caloric brand was introduced in 1903.[2] It was reorganized in 1946 as the Caloric Stove Company in Topton, Pennsylvania.[3] The company was renamed Caloric Appliance Corp. in 1954 and became famous for offering a complete package of kitchen appliances in the 1950s and 1960s. Its most popular product was their built-in wall oven. In 1967, it was acquired by Raytheon Corporation which also owned Amana refrigerators and Speed Queen laundry products. By the early 1990s, Caloric was absorbed into Amana and the Caloric brand was phased out. The Topton plant was shut down in 1991.[4] In 1997 the company was purchased by Goodman Global, a heating-and-cooling manufacturer who sold it to Maytag (now part of Whirlpool) in 2002.[5]


JMM Lee Properties announced in 2012 the reintroduction of Caloric appliances beginning with a line of stainless steel ovens and ranges in the fall of 2012. They plan on adding more built-in and countertop appliances over the following year.[6]