Cedar Creek Reservoir (Alabama)

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Cedar Creek Reservoir
Location Franklin County, Alabama
Coordinates 34°31′44″N 87°55′36″W / 34.52890°N 87.92667°W / 34.52890; -87.92667Coordinates: 34°31′44″N 87°55′36″W / 34.52890°N 87.92667°W / 34.52890; -87.92667
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Cedar Creek
Primary outflows Cedar Creek
Basin countries United States

Cedar Creek Reservoir is a large reservoir located in Franklin County, Alabama (USA) along Cedar Creek.

Cedar Creek Dam is 96-foot high earthen dam for flood control and irrigation, completed in 1979 as a project of the Tennessee Valley Authority. No hydroelectric power is generated here.[1]

The "cedar" in the name actually refers to the eastern juniper (Juniperus virginiana), mistaken by early European settlers for the Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani) referred to in the Bible.


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