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Chichi Peralta (born July 9, 1966) is a Merengue percussionist, singer, musician, arranger and producer from the Dominican Republic.

Chichí Peralta


Chichi Peralta was born on July 9, 1966 in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. His musical career began at the age of four, when he built his first drum. The first album Peralta released was Pa' Otro La'o, on which all the tracks were self-edited and produced. Many fans agree that his first album is his best work. In 2000, he released the album De Vuelta Al Barrio, which won the Best Merengue Album at the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards. In 2005 he released yet another album, Más que Suficiente, which was nominated for Best Contemporary Tropical Album at the 2006 Latin Grammys, and also won many other international prizes. In 2007, Peralta was declared the Dominican Republic's goodwill ambassador. In 2009, he released his new album De Aquel Lao' Del Rio which features a mixture of merengue and contemporary Japanese music. The album's first single is "Amor Samurai".


  • Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards, 1998 – Revelación del Año – Género Tropical (Breakthrough Artist of the Year – Tropical Genre)
  • Latin Grammy Awards, 2001 – Best Merengue Album (De Vuelta al Barrio)

Disco de Oro in Lima, Peru, December 1998

Gold in Central America, 1999

Gold in Bolivia, in August 1999

Gold in Chile, December 1998

Platinum in Bogota, Colombia, 1998

Platinum Central America, June 1999

Platinum in Lima, Peru, 1999

Double Platinum Disc, Bogotá, Colombia, 1998

Platinum Disc Sextuple in Bogota, Colombia, May 1999

Disco de Oro Europe, April 2001

Gold in Central America, April 2001

Other Awards:

2001 Latin Grammy Winner

Revelation of the Year Winner, Premios Lo Nuestro (Miami, Florida)

Winner Silver Seagull, Festival de Viña del Mar (Chile)

Globe Award Winner for Best Tropical Album (New York)

Your Music Awards Winner (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Won three awards School of Music (New York)

2006 Latin Grammy nomination for the musical production "More Than Enough" Premio Lo Nuestro Nominations 2007

Other Awards (Non-Musical):

Recognition given by the Organizing Committee of Sixth Dominican Jazz Festival, for his musical career and his contributions to music, the October 23, 2004, in Cabarete, Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic).

Deserving of the key city of Cartagena Colombia, under Decree No. 0505, issued by the Mayor of Cartagena on June 10, 1998.

Goodwill Ambassador for the Dominican Republic. Under Decree No. 52-07.


Disco de Oro en Lima Perú, diciembre 1998

Disco de Oro en América Central, 1999

Disco de Oro en Bolivia, agosto 1999

Disco de Oro en Chile, diciembre 1998

Disco de Platino en Bogota, Colombia, 1998

Disco de Platino América Central, junio 1999

Disco de Platino en Lima, Perú, 1999

Disco Doble Platino, Bogotá, Colombia, 1998

Disco de Séxtuple Platino en Bogotá, Colombia, mayo 1999

Disco de Oro Europa, abril 2001

Disco de Oro en América Central, abril 2001

Ganador del Grammy Latino 2001

Ganador Revelación del Año, Premios Lo Nuestro (Miami, Florida)

Ganador Gaviota de Plata, Festival de Viña del Mar (Chile)

Ganador del Premio Globo como mejor álbum Tropical (New York)

Ganador Premios Tu Música (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Ganador tres premios Escuela de la Música (New York)

Nominación Grammy Latino 2006 por la producción musical "Mas Que Suficiente" Nominación a Premio Lo Nuestro 2007

Algunos Reconocimientos:

Reconocimiento entregado por el comité Organizador de Sexto Dominican Jazz Festival, por su trayectoria musical y sus aportes a la música, el 23 de octubre de 2004, en Cabarete, Puerto Plata (Republica Dominicana).

Merecedor de la llave de la ciudad de Cartagena Colombia, bajo el decreto No. 0505, entregado por la Alcaldía de Cartagena el 10 de junio de 1998.

Embajador de Buena Voluntad de la República Dominicana. Bajo el decreto No. 52-07.


  • Trópico Adentro (1995)
  • Pa' Otro La'o (1997)
  • De Vuelta al Barrio (2000)
  • En Vivo (2001)
  • Más Que Suficiente (2005)
  • De Aquel La'o del Río (2009)
  • De Que Viene, Viene (2012)

Inside Japan (documental) (2011) sencillo y video Con Fe (2011) Sencillo y video La HAmaca De Dios ( 2012 )


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