Chris Volz

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Chris Volz
Birth name Christopher Volz
Born (1973-08-06) August 6, 1973 (age 41)
Origin Bowie, Maryland, United States
Genres Alternative metal
Hard rock
Nu metal
Occupation(s) singer/songwriter/musician
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1995-present
Labels Universal Records
Rock Ridge Music
Associated acts Flaw
Five Bolt Main

Chris Volz is an American alternative metal/hard rock singer/songwriter, who is best known as the lead vocalist of the band Flaw, and as the former lead vocalist of Five Bolt Main. In 2007, Chris Volz released a solo album through the independent record label Rock Ridge Music, titled Redemption.[1] The collective projects of Volz have sold around 750,000 units in the United States. (Most of which with Flaw)

On November 16, 2009, Flaw independently released Home Grown Studio Sessions. This is the first new material to be released by Flaw since Endangered Species in 2004.

Volz announced that he was trying to rekindle relationships with other members of Flaw to release their fourth studio album and an EP[2] by mid-2012 with a DVD release to follow, as well as work on Five.Bolt.Main material and solo material.[3] He also announced that Flaw will be touring in mid March.[4]

On July 17, 2013, it was announced that the band had returned to the "Through the Eyes" lineup of Volz, Jason Daunt, Lance Arny, Ryan Juhrs and Chris Ballinger. They have stated they are working on a new album and rehearsing for live shows in August 2013.


Born August 6, 1973, Chris grew up in the Baltimore, Maryland, area- studying music at an early age- and is currently based in Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of 2, Chris Volz was adopted by a former opera singer. His adoptive mother taught him about music. When he was 12, his adoptive mother committed suicide.[5] Chris Volz cites jazz, classical, and metal music as some of his influences. His singing style consists of both melodic singing and intense screaming vocals. The songs, "Whole"[5] from Through The Eyes and "The Gift" from Venting are about his adoptive mother.[6][7] After Chris' adoptive mother committed suicide, Chris mourned his adoptive mother and started disrespecting authority figures such as his teachers and his father. Chris' father shipped him off to military school. Chris Volz ran away from school to hang out with his neighborhood friends. This got Chris by his father to various juvenile detention centers. Chris Volz was sent by his father to a long-term drug rehab center after Chris was caught with a homemade bong. Chris' father is the one who caught him using a homemade bong.[5] Chris ran away from rehab and then was picked up by police and also was put in a juvenile detention center. Chris explained to the police what happened to him and explained what his father did. The court decided Chris wasn't a candidate for rehab and his dad was told by the police to take Chris Volz back. This made Chris' father be bitter with him.[5]


Volz collaborated with Nashville native Jarod Delgado on a song called "Here and Now" as a featured vocalist.[8][9] It was released on iTunes and AmazonMP3 as a single by Delgado on January 30, 2012.[10][11] The single is featured on Delgado's debut album Don't Hold Back, which was released on March 12, 2012.[12][13]

On June 15, 2012, Electronica artist N Pa released the promotional single "Blistered" which features vocals sung by Volz.[14] The single was released on his second studio album The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil on September 24, 2013.[15]


Date of Release Title Label Notes Sales
1997 American Arrogance None First independent release as the singer for nu metal/alternative metal band Flaw. -
1998 Flaw None Second independently released Flaw album. -
2000 Drama None Third independent release for Flaw. -
October 20, 2001 Through the Eyes Universal Records The first major label release from Flaw. 480,000 +[16]
May 4, 2004 Endangered Species Universal Records Last release before being dropped from Universal Records and disbanding. 27,527[citation needed] copies in its first week
September 13, 2005 Venting Rock Ridge Music After Flaw disbanded, Chris would co-found Five.Bolt.Main. This would be their one and only release containing studio material. 30,000+ (Soundscan numbers from July 2007)
October 10, 2006 Live Rock Ridge Music The first and only Live album released by Five Bolt Main 3,000+ (Soundscan numbers from July 2007)
September 11, 2007 Redemption Rock Ridge Music This album was the first album from Chris Volz' solo project. The album sold approximately 700 copies in its first week of release
February 5, 2008 Complete Rock Ridge Music This compilation album was the last release by Five.Bolt.Main after disbanding
November 16, 2009 Home Grown Studio Sessions None Fourth independent release for Flaw Only 3,000 hard produced copies of the CD were made making it limited edition.
March 12, 2012 Don't Hold Back[12][13] by Jarod Delgado None This album features Chris Volz on the single "Here and Now".[10][11] It is the first material released by Volz as a featured vocalist.
September 24, 2013 The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil[17] by N Pa None This album features Chris Volz on the single "Blistered" which was released on June 15, 2012. It was released as a promotional single only.[18] It is the second material released by Volz as a featured vocalist.
TBA, 2015 TBA TBA First studio album by Flaw since 2004.


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