Christina (1984 film)

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Directed by Francisco Lara Polop
Produced by Harry Alan Towers
Written by Harry Alan Towers
Starring Jewel Shepard
Karin Schubert
Music by Ted Scotto
Cinematography Alejandro Ulloa
Edited by Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa
Release dates
Country Spain
United States
Language Spanish

Christina is a 1984 erotic B movie film, starring Jewel Shepard, Karin Schubert, produced and written by Harry Alan Towers and directed by Francisco Lara Polop. The film's original Spanish title was Christina y la reconversión sexual.


Christina Von Belle, a wealthy heiress, is kidnapped by a lesbian terrorist group and held for ransom. She escapes the lesbian terrorists, only to fall into the clutches of a gang of gourmet chefs, who want a piece of the ransom themselves.


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