Clarence High School (Bangalore, India)

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Clarence High School
Motto Our Utmost for the Highest
Established 1914
Type High School
Principal Dr. Jerry George
Chairman Mr Easho Jacob
Founder Alfred and Walter Redwood
Location Pottery Road, Richard's Town, Bangalore
Gender Mixed
Ages 5–17 (approx.)
Houses Redwood, Theobald, Barton, Wilcox
Colours Blue and Yellow
Publication The Clarencian

Clarence High School (CHS) is a well-known school in Bangalore East for both girls and boys. It is located in Richard's town in Bangalore and is for day scholars. It has classes from the preparatory level until the 12th grade and is in the ICSE syllabus.[1]


Clarence High School is a minority institution founded in 1914 by the Redwood brothers, Alfred and Walter, and named after their own school in Somerset, U.K.. The school was established with the intention of sound education based on Christian principles for the all-round development of students. For a while it was located in a bungalow on Palm Road (now M. M. Road, near the Fraser Town Mosque). This building now houses the Fraser Town Post Office. The school is presently located on Pottery Road, at a junction near Richard's Park. It lends its name to a bus stop for buses moving towards and from M. S. Nagar, Lingarajpuram, Banaswadi, Kammanahalli, Kalyannagar and Hennur. While the main gate faces Pottery Road, the side gates face Viviani Road and Mosque Road Extension. The fourth side faces apartments that line John Armstrong Road.[1]


The school has a number of buildings, one of the newest among them being the William Carey block. This block has several of the classrooms, the laboratories, the physical education department, the music room and faces the playground field. The Coates library houses nine thousand books. There are a number of laboratories as well for the various science subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computers). The Flack Memorial Assembly Hall can house around a thousand people. The kindergarten students have a separate block (KG Block) and playground. A new addition to the school is the Stewards Block, a building for the Special Needs Department. This has a large clock on top which is visible from the roads adjacent to the school campus. The campus has several trees, the most prominent among them being a Christmas tree and a Peepul tree.[1]

School Motto[edit]

The school motto is "Our Utmost For The Highest". The philosophy of the founders is also summed up in a verse from the Bible - "The Reverence of The Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom." This is taken from the book of Proverbs (chapter 9, verse 10).[1]

School Song[edit]

The school hymn, composed by Mr. Roger, begins with the words : "We thank Thee now O Father". Some of the verses are as follows:

"For our teachers we would thank Thee,

O fill them daily Lord,

With deep and true devotion,

To them Thy grace afford.

Bless all the hours of childhood,

The sunshine and the care,

The work and high endeavour

In which we now have share...

For our founders we would thank Thee,

Their loving gracious plan,

Their many deeds of kindness,

Since first our school began...

(Chorus:) We thank Thee now O Father,

For these and all Thy care

Bestowed upon Thy children,

Both here and everywhere."[2][3]


The House system is a feature common to Public schools in India (based on an equivalent system in England). The Houses distribute a school community into smaller, more personal units, and thereby build a sense of loyalty and competition. Traditionally there were three houses: Barton, Redwood and Theobald. Their team colours are green, red and blue respectively. Wilcox, a new fourth house was made with the team colour yellow. Their mottoes are: "Never Despair", "Ad Astra" (Aim for the stars in Latin), "Never Give In" and "Press Onward" for the Barton, Redwood, Theobald and Wilcox houses respectively. The Kindergarten children belong to four different houses: the bears, the elephants, the lions and the tigers. The respective team colours are brown, blue, yellow and red.[1]

School Heads[edit]

Some of the former school principals were Mr. A. C. Flack, Dr David Coates, Mr. M. T. Thomas and Mr. Benny Joseph.[1]


The school practises a five-day week schedule. The day begins at 8:00 a.m. (formerly at 8:35 a.m.) with a daily assembly which is normally twenty-five minutes long and is conducted within the school hall. The lunch break is between 12:15 p.m. and 12:45 p.m. (formerly between 12:35 p.m. and 1:20 p.m). The day ends at 3:10 p.m. It used to end at 3:10 for the junior pupils (until 6th Std.) and at 3:45 for the senior pupils.

The entry level is at the Preparatory class, equivalent to the Upper Kindergarten (UKG) class, meant for five-year-old children. The Preparatory, First and Second Standards are called the Kindergarten with classrooms in the KG block along with a separate library and playground (called the KG Lane). The rest of the school use the school field and the school library which houses several thousands of books. A basketball court and a few more buildings also form part of the school premises.

The first language is English, the second language is Hindi and the third language is Kannada. The tenth standard examinations are conducted in the ICSE (Indian Council for Secondary Examinations) format. The eleventh and the twelfth standards are divided into Science, Commerce and Arts streams. The twelfth standard examinations are conducted in the ISC format (Indian School Certificate). Both public examinations are conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations Board.[1]


The school has a separate playground, called Assaye Field, beside Assaye Road. The school organises and conducts the Clarencian shield, the prestigious inter-school Basketball tournament, every year around the months of October and November. Football, cricket and throw-ball are some of the other team events that the students of Clarence High play.[1]

New initiatives[edit]

The school opened a special needs department in 2004. The department offers a structured learning programme by trained professionals in a loving and challenging environment where children with special needs are helped to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually to the maximum extent possible.[1]


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