Coat of arms of Canberra

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Coat of Arms of Canberra
Coat of Arms of the City of Canberra.png
Armiger City of Canberra
Adopted 1928
Crest Imperial Crown and portcullis, in front of a gum tree
Torse Argent (silver) and Azure (blue)
Escutcheon White Rose, Castle, Sword, Mace and Imperial Crown
Supporters A Black Swan and a White Swan
Compartment Grassy Land
Motto For the Queen, the Law and the People

The requirement for a coat of arms of Canberra was created by the response to a request by the Commonwealth Department of Defence,[1] who wanted to use it on the newly commissioned HMAS Canberra.[1]

The Federal Capital Commission (FCC) announced a competition to design a coat of arms for the City of Canberra.[1]

In April 1928, the design of one Mr C. R. Wylie, having won the competition, was sent to the College of Arms, in London, for approval.[1] The coat of arms at this stage did not include a motto. After minor adjustments, King George V granted the design by Royal Warrant dated 8 October 1928. The College of Arms issued the official exemplification (artistic rendition) and blazon (description) on 7 November 1928, along with a crest.[1]

From 1993 a modified version of this Coat of Arms appear also in the flag of the Australian Capital Territory.


The various symbols of the coat of arms are explained below: