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The Consenting Adult Sex Bill (Assembly Bill 489) is a consenting adult law, passed in California in 1975 and effective in January 1976, that repealed the sodomy law in California and made gay sex legal for the first time. George Moscone, an early proponent of gay rights, in conjunction with his friend and ally in the Assembly, Willie Brown, managed to get the bill passed, repealing the existing Californian laws against sodomy. The repeal was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown.

California had a six year fight over the repeal of the sodomy law (based on common law). California's repeal finally passed in 1975 after a drawn-out tie vote in the state Senate, where majority leader George Moscone held the vote open and the Senate in session while a private plane could be dispatched to bring back the Lt. Governor. He cast the tie breaking vote. Moscone, later elected mayor of San Francisco, was assassinated in 1978 with Harvey Milk

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