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Industry Entertainment
Founded 1992
Headquarters Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Website www.d-box.com

D-BOX Technologies is a Canadian company, which designs, manufactures, and markets motion systems intended mainly for the entertainment and industrial simulation markets.[1]

D-BOX Technologies is based in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.[2]

Products and services[edit]

A D-Box seat at TCL Chinese Theatre.

Movie theatre[edit]

Selected movie theatres in North America and internationally are equipped with D-BOX motion systems. The first feature film to have been encoded with D-BOX was Fast & Furious released on April 3, 2009. Since then, there have been many releases that have ranked number 1 at the box-office.[3]

In West Michigan, Loeks Theatres, Inc. also known as Celebration! Cinema launched D-BOX at their Celebration! Cinema RiverTown location in March 2012. Due to positive clientele feedback, Celebration! Cinema added D-BOX to their remaining first-run locations in Grand Rapids and first-run locations throughout West Michigan in February 2013.[4]

The Renfrew Street, Glasgow branch of the UK cinema Cineworld was the first cinema in the UK to introduce D-BOX technology.[5]

In the home[edit]

D-BOX Technologies first introduced its motion generating systems in 2001 to the home theatre and PC gaming markets. The D-BOX system can be integrated within certain manufacturer’s seating models, including the following: Acoustic Innovations, AcousticSmart Home Theatre Interiors, CDGI, Cineak, Cinematech, Continental Seating®, Design NS, Fortress Seating, Front Row Seating, Jaymar, Oray, TK Living, United Leather and VIP Cinema Seating. For existing seating, motion can be added with the help of a D-BOX Motion Platform. As of 2013, the system supports a library of over 1,000 movies.[6]

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