Daisy (steamboat)

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Name: Daisy
Route: Puget Sound, Skagit River
In service: 1880
Out of service: 1897
Identification: U.S. Registry #157006[1]
Fate: Sank near Edmonds, WA[2]
General characteristics
Type: inland steamboat
Tonnage: 97.87 regist.[1]
Length: 80.5 ft (24.54 m)[1]
Beam: 20.3 ft (6.19 m)[1]
Depth: 4.9 ft (1.49 m) depth of hold[1]
Installed power: twin steam engines, horizontally mounted; 40 indicated horsepower[1]
Propulsion: sternwheel[1]

Daisy was a sternwheel steamboat that ran on Puget Sound and the Skagit River from 1880 to 1897.


Daisy was built at Seattle for the Washington Steamboat Company in 1880. The vessel was placed in service for the Skagit River trade. In 1897 Daisy sank near Edmonds, Washington.[2]


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