Dança dos Famosos

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Dança dos Famosos
Format Dance competition
Created by BBC Worldwide
Presented by Fausto Silva
Country of origin Brazil
No. of seasons 10
Location(s) Rio de Janeiro
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel Rede Globo
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
720p (HDTV)
Original run November 20, 2005 – Present

Dança dos Famosos is a Brazilian entertainment reality television show airing on Rede Globo television network and filmed live from the Projac studios in Rio de Janeiro.

The show is based on the United Kingdom BBC Television series Strictly Come Dancing, however it is an unofficial spin-off.[1]


The show pairs a number of celebrities with professional ballroom dancers who each week compete against each other in a competition to impress a panel of judges and the viewing audience in order to survive potential elimination.[2]

Through telephone voting, viewers vote who they would like to stay, the results of the poll being combined with the ranking of the panel of judges.

The show is broadcast live on Rede Globo on Sundays evenings, and it is presented by Faustão and Talitha Morete. The judging panel changes every week and it is formed by three artistic judges and two professional judges.

The concept of the show is to pair a celebrity with a professional dancer in an attempt to win a high score from a panel of five judges and then a high number of votes from the audience.


The following are the dances performed by couples on Dança dos Famosos.

Dance Seasons used
Bolero All
Samba All
Country Season 3 – present
Disco Season 3 – present
Flamenco Season 3
Forró All
Foxtrot Season 3 – present
Gypsy Season 4 – present
Hip Hop Season 5
Indian Dance Season 6
Lambada Season 3 – present
Maxixe Season 3 – present
Merengue Season 3 – present
Mambo Season 2
Paso Doble All
Rock and Roll Season 2 – present
Salsa All
Tango All
Waltz All
Zouk Season 4

Season chronology[edit]

Season Celebrity Honor Places Contestants
Winner Runner-Up Third Place
Karina Bacchi Alexandre Barillari Daniela Escobar 6
Juliana Didone Kelly Key Pedro Bismark 6
Robson Caetano Stepan Nercessian Babi Xavier 12
Rodrigo Hilbert Elaine Mickely Carmo Dalla Vecchia 12
Christiane Torloni Rafael Almeida Samara Felippo 10
Paola Oliveira Leandro Hassum Jonatas Faro 10
Fernanda Souza Sheron Menezzes Andre Arteche 12
Miguel Roncato Nelson Freitas Odilon Wagner 12
Rodrigo Simas Cláudia Ohana Bárbara Paz 12
Carol Castro Bruna Marquezine Tiago Abravanel 12

Professional partners[edit]

Bold font indicates that the dancer is a participant in the present season.

     Winner      Runner-Up      Third Place      Last Place      Withdrew
Professional Dancer Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Michelle Cerbino 6th 2nd
Daiane Amêndola 5th 11th 8th
Marco Aurélio 4th
Edson Carneiro 3rd
Aline Phyrro 2nd
Fabiano Vivas Win
Beatriz Pavinni 6th
Marcelo Simões 5th
Sabrina Cabral 4th 4th 8th
Nana Nassif 3rd 3rd
Marcelo Chocolate 2nd 6th 5th 3rd
Leandro Azevedo Win 10th 6th Win
Priscila Maris 12th 3rd
Ari Paulo 11th
Carol Vieira 10th 10th 11th 8th
Guilherme Abilhôa 9th 9th
Aline Barbosa 8th
Thaiza Adaltro 7th
Átila Amaral 6th 2nd Win 2nd
Charles Fernandes 5th
Alex de Carvalho 4th
Hélio Faria 3rd
Ivonete Liberatto Win
Thiago Mendonça 12th
Luiz Kirinus 9th
Renata Mattos 8th 5th
Carolina Nakamura 7th
Álvaro Reis 6th Win
Kilve Costa 5th
Adriana Mattos 3rd
Priscila Amaral Win
Robertha Portella 10th
Carla Prata 8th
Rogerio Mendonça 7th
Aline Alves 4th 3rd
João Ricardo Vieira 3rd
Jaqueline Fernandes 2nd
Rodrigo Delano 10th
Aretha Melo 9th 6th
Henrique Mariano 7th
Mauro Fernandes 6th
Ana Flavia Simões 4th Win 12th
Tamara Fuchs 2nd
Fernanda d'Ávila 12th
João Biasoto 11th
Gustavo Malheiros 9th
Renato Jóia 7th
Edson Modesto 5th
Fernanda Ricciopo 4th
Leticia Weiss 4th 7th 11th
Marcelo Granjeiro 2nd
Alexandre Porcel Win
Daniel Navarro 12th
Rodrigo Picanço 10th 6th
Marcelo Amorim 9th
Diego Borges 8th
Daniele De Lova 6th 4th
Wagner Santos 5th 7th
Carlos Fernandes 4th
Robertha Appratti 3rd
Carol Agnello 2nd
Fabio Cruz 12th
Bruno Galhardo 10th
Juliana Valcezia 9th 8th
Luiza Modulo 7th
Jota Jr. 5th
Maurício Wetzel 3rd
Patrick Carvalho 2nd
Raquel Guarini Win
Rodrigo Ramalho 11th
Lidiane Rodrigues 10th
Edson Almeida 9th
Deny Ronaldo 6th
Aline Riscado 5th
Ivi Pizzott 4th
Ana Paula Guedes 3rd


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