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The Dapper Dan Charities were founded by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editor Al Abrams in 1936. It is one of the oldest non-profit and fundraising community sports club in the world, and the oldest in Western Pennsylvania. The foundations fundraises for its charities primarily through the annual "Dapper Dan Banquet". Started in 1936 the first few banquets honored such regional figures as Art Rooney, Jock Sutherland and John Harris. In 1939 the banquet began an annual tradition of naming the region's "Sportsman of the Year" and in 1999 the "Sportswoman of the Year". In recent decades all charitable contributions raised by the banquet go to the Boys and Girls club of Western Pennsylvania, which directly funds activities and equipment for nearly 7,000 youths annually. The organization also presently sponsors the annual Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic.[1]

Previous fundraisers included the occasional Dapper Dan Open golf tournament in the 1930s and 1940s, World Heavyweight Titles hosted at Forbes Field in the 1950s and 1960s and the Roundball Classic hosted at the Civic Arena from 1965 until the 1980s.

Through Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince's friendship with Fred Hutchinson the Dapper Dan Charity awarded Major League Baseball's annual Hutch Award at the annual banquet until at least 1993.[2][3][4][5]

Dapper Dan awards[edit]

Year Sportsman Sport
or Team
Sportswoman Sport
or Team
Lifetime Achievement Sport
or Team
1939 Billy Conn boxing William Penn Hotel[6]
1940 Fritzie Zivic boxing
1941 Aldo Donelli Steelers
1942 Bill Dudley Steelers
1943 Rip Sewell Pirates
1944 Frankie Frisch Pirates
1945 Billy Conn boxing
1946 Bill Dudley Steelers
1947 Ralph Kiner Pirates
1948 Bill Meyer Pirates
1949 Ralph Kiner Pirates
1950 Joe Geri Steelers William Penn Hotel
1951 Murry Dickson Pirates
1952 Red Dawson Panthers
1952 Stan Musial Cardinals
1953 Lew Worsham golf
1954 Dudley Moore Dukes
1955 John Michelosen Steelers
1956 Dale Long Pirates
1957 Dick Groat Pirates
1958 Danny Murtaugh Pirates
1959 Elroy Face Pirates
1960 Arnold Palmer golf
1960 Dick Groat Pirates Hilton
1961 Roberto Clemente Pirates
1962 Lou Michaels Steelers Hilton [7]
1963 John Michelosen Steelers
1964 Delvin Miller horse racing
1965 Vernon Law Pirates
1966 Roberto Clemente Pirates
1967 Baz Bastien Penguins
1968 Steve Blass Pirates
1968 Dick Hoak Steelers
1969 Red Manning Dukes
1970 Danny Murtaugh Pirates
1971 Willie Stargell Pirates
1971 Danny Murtaugh Pirates
1971 Roberto Clemente Pirates
1972 Chuck Noll Steelers
1973 Johnny Majors Panthers
1974 Joe Greene Steelers
1975 Terry Bradshaw Steelers
1976 Tony Dorsett Panthers
1977 Franco Harris Steelers
1978 Dave Parker Pirates
1979 Willie Stargell Pirates Stan Musial Cardinals Hilton
1980 Hugh Green Panthers
1981 Jackie Sherrill Panthers Art Rooney Steelers Hilton [8]
1982 Joe Paterno Lions
1983 Dan Marino Panthers
1984 John Stallworth Steelers Hilton
1985 Louis Lipps Steelers Bill Dudley [9] Steelers Hilton
1986 Mario Lemieux Penguins Hilton
1987 Syd Thrift Pirates
1988 Mario Lemieux Penguins Hilton
1989 Roger Kingdom Panthers (track) Hilton
1990 Jim Leyland Pirates Hilton
1991 Bob Johnson Penguins Hilton
1992 Bill Cowher Steelers Hilton [10]
1993 Jay Bell Pirates
1994 Bill Cowher Steelers
1995 Jaromir Jagr Penguins
1996 Kurt Angle wrestling
1997 Jerome Bettis Steelers
1998 Joe Paterno Lions
1999 Mario Lemieux Penguins Suzie McConnell-Serio Rockers/Oakland Catholic
2000 Jason Kendall Pirates Dori Anderson
2001 Kordell Stewart Steelers Carol Semple Thompson golf
2002 Ben Howland Panthers Swin Cash UConn Huskies
2003 Larry Fitzgerald Panthers Kelly Mazzante Lady Lions
2004 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers Lauryn Williams olympics
2005 Jerome Bettis Steelers Agnus Berenato Panthers
2006 Sidney Crosby Penguins Swin Cash Detroit Shock
2007 Sidney Crosby Penguins Agnus Benerato Panthers Convention Center[11]
2008[12] Mike Tomlin Steelers Shavonte Zellous Panthers Dick LeBeau Football Petersen Events Center
2009 Evgeni Malkin Penguins Penn State Volleyball Lions Bruno Sammartino wrestling Petersen Events Center [13]
2010 Jamie Dixon Panthers [14] Suzie McConnell-Serio Dukes Joe Greene Steelers Convention Center [15]
2011 Dan Bylsma, Marc-Andre Fleury[16] Penguins Pittsburgh Passion[16] Women's football Mike Ditka[17] Panthers Convention Center
2012 Andrew McCutchen[18] Pirates Taylor Schram[18] PSU Women's soccer Hines Ward[18] Steelers Convention Center
2013 Clint Hurdle[19] Pirates Patrice Matamoros[20] Pittsburgh Marathon Franco Harris[21] Steelers Convention Center
2014 Jim Kelly [1] Convention Center

Banquet festivities[edit]

Various years the Dapper Dan Banquet has been a who's who of Western Pennsylvania sports, and attracted national and even international stars and entertainers. In 1993 George Wendt and David Lander hosted the event.[2] Howard Baldwin, Craig Patrick, Lanny Frattare, Marty Schottenheimer, Rod Woodson, Ambassador Dan Rooney, Art Rooney, Mark May, John Brown, Sal Sunseri, Hank Aaron,[22] Myron Cope, Lou Holtz,[23] Terry Francona, Pat Mullins, Dave Robinson, Len Dawson, Lou Groza, Bud Wilkinson,[24] Bob Prince, Governor Lawrence and Todd Blackledge[8] have all participated in recent events.

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