Darling (band)

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Origin London, England
Genres Rock
Years active 1979
Labels Charisma Records
Associated acts Arrows
Members Mick Howard
Hal Lindes
Alice Spring
Paul Varley

Darling were a British band from the late 1970s, whose music was a mixture of new wave and pop music. The band's singer, Alice Spring, had been the vocalist of the band Slack Alice on their eponymously titled album of 1974. Drummer Paul Varley had been the percussionist and a founder member of the well-known band Arrows.

In 1979, Darling released their first and only album, Put It Down To Experience, with Charisma Records (a label mostly remembered for their albums by Genesis).

After the album release, the band broke up. Only the guitarist, the until then unknown Hal Lindes, continued with a musical career of any note - first as a member of Dire Straits and more recently as a soundtrack composer for British television.


Mick Howard - Bass
Hal Lindes - Guitar
Alice Spring - Vocals
Paul Varley - Drums


Put It Down to Experience (1979)