Daud Khel

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Daood Khel (Urdu: داؤُدخيل‎), is a major city of Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan.


The town is located at 32°52'60N 71°34'0E at an altitude of 207 meters, and is part of Mianwali Tehsil. The administration is subdivided into two Union councils, one for the urban area and another for the rural area. The town is bounded by KalaBagh in the North, Mianwali in the South, Kamar Mushani in the West and Masan in the East.


The town's population is approximately 1 lac[clarification needed]. The mother tongue is saraki. The majority of the population is NIAZI, and belongs to the PATHAN clan; who settled in the area after they invaded the Gazni Afghanistan during the ancient era.

Social situation[edit]

Daudkhel is known for Drug addicted youth. However situation has improved in recent years, youth is getting educated and things are changing.

Coordinates: 33°28′N 71°56′E / 33.467°N 71.933°E / 33.467; 71.933