Musakhel, Punjab

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Musakhel موسىٰ خيل
Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
District Mianwali District
 • Ex-competitor for MPA Zia Ullah Kha Niazi,
 • Total 60,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Musakhel (Urdu: موسىٰ خيل‎), is a village and union council of Mianwali District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is part of Mianwali Tehsil and is located at 32°38'14N 71°44'20E.[2]

Majority of the population belongs to Niazi tribe. Sub Tribes include Luqi khel, Rami khel, Khalas khel, Yari khel , Ghoruni, baahi and maddi khel. Along with niazis some jatt and other non niazi families also liver here.

Musakhel is famous for the shrine of Noori Naang Sultan Sahb, a very old and historic place. Other shrines present in this area are shekh tor and sir-kapp. Religious personalities include syed Ghaus shah sahb, Shekh mahmood sahb and shekh usman sahb (baahi). Notable personnel include Zaildar Jahan khan Luqi khel, Abdul karim khan khalas khel, Maulana Kausar Niazi Luqikhel, Dr Ghulam Akbar Khan Niazi Luqikhel, Ghulam sarwar khan Luqikhel, Sufi bahadur khan yari khel, Lt. Genral Zarar Azeem khan Yari khel , Dr Ajmal Nazi Luqi khel, session judge Muqarrab khan yari khel and Baahi brothers. Famous games of musakhel are kabbadi , volley ball and hockey. Most famous dish of Musakhel is its pulao. "Musakhel ka pulao" is highly appreciated in whole of mianwali.


Coordinates: 32°38′14″N 71°44′20″E / 32.63722°N 71.73889°E / 32.63722; 71.73889