Deepside Deejays

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Deepside Deejays
Also known as Deepside
Origin Bucharest, Romania
Genres House, Electro
Occupations Disc jockey
Record producer
Years active 2008 - present
Labels Cat Music
Associated acts Nick Kamarera
Members Vibearena
Victor de la Pena
Dave Pryce

The Deepside Deejays are a Romanian band formed in 2008 by Vibearena, Victor de la Pena and Dave Pryce.[1]


The Deepside Dejays began with a desire to come up with something new on the house music scene. The Deejays were among the first Romanian house music projects, inventing the "popcorn" style along with David Deejay and Inna. The group formed in 2008 and started producing and remixing tracks in this new style, recording over 50 remixes and 20 original singles.[citation needed]

Recordings and accolades[edit]

The first Deepside Deejays single, "Beautiful Days" was successful in Europe and countries including India, Dubai, Egypt and Morocco.[citation needed] It topped the singles charts in Poland, Morocco, India, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Malta, and reached the top ten in Sweden and Norway.[citation needed] It also reached the top 20 in the France and German dance charts.[citation needed]

In 2009 the Deejays entered international music contests, winning a remix competition organised by electronic music label Toolroom Records, with a remix of DJ/producer Dirty South. The Deejays also won a Gfab Records contest with a remix of Ian Carey's "Get Shaky", the Cr2 Everywhere Remix Competition, and an FOEM competition organized by Martin Solveig. After these successes, the Deejays began working with Gfab Records artists including Thomas Gold, Soul Avengerz and The Good Guys.

In 2009 the Deejays won The Best DJ Award at MTV Romania Music Awards,[2][3] as well as nominations for Best Dance and Best New Act. In 2010 they won The Best Featuring Award.[4] The Deejays also won Best Dance Project at Awards.

Tiesto, an internationally famous DJ, included the Deejays' remix of Alex's "Don't Say It's Over" in the radio show "Club Life" as well as live performances, earning more exposure for the group.[5]

In 2011 the Deejays released the song "Never Be Alone", which quickly became a radio success in Romania and Russia.[6]

In October 2012 they released a new song: "Look Into My Eyes".


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