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The Dragon (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ) is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Dragon is associated with the earthly branch symbol .


It has been proposed by one academic researcher that the Chen symbol might actually be a Scorpion and once symbolized the star Antares.[1]

Years and the Five Elements[edit]

People born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "Year of the Dragon", while also bearing the following elemental sign:

The Water Dragon lantern festival.
  • 30 January 1892–16 February 1893: Water Dragon
  • 16 February 1904–3 February 1905: Wood Dragon
  • 3 February 1916–22 January 1917: Fire Dragon
  • 22 January 1928–9 February 1929: Earth Dragon
  • 8 February 1940–26 January 1941: Metal Dragon
  • 27 January 1952–13 February 1953: Water Dragon
  • 13 February 1964–1 February 1965: Wood Dragon
  • 31 January 1976–17 February 1977: Fire Dragon
  • 17 February 1988–5 February 1989: Earth Dragon
  • 10 February 2000–23 January 2001: Metal Dragon
  • 23 January 2012–9 February 2013: Water Dragon
  • 10 February 2024–28 January 2025: Wood Dragon
  • 14 February 2048–1 February 2049: Earth Dragon

There are typically spikes in the birth rates of countries that use the Chinese zodiac during a Year of the Dragon, because such “Dragon babies” are considered to be lucky and have desirable characteristics.


The Dragon
Fixed Element/Energy Hours ruled Positive traits Negative traits Health risks
Earth/Yang 07:00 – 08:59 am Magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, direct, dignified, passionate Tactless, arrogant, imperious, tyrannical, demanding, rebellious, intolerant, dogmatic, violent, impetuous Prone to bouts of extreme temper and stress, migraines, hypertension and heart related issues, diabetes, Malignant narcissism, antisocial personality disorder

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dragon[edit]

Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Vladimir Putin, Francisco Franco, Che Guevara, Hermann Göring, Reinhard Heydrich, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Liam Neeson, Keanu Reeves, Benedict Cumberbatch, G-Dragon, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Seuss, Ryan Reynolds, Booker T. Washington, Salvador Dali, Stanley Kubrick, Octave Chanute, Charles Darwin, John Lennon, Sigmund Freud, Louisa May Alcott, Nikola Tesla, Vanessa Hudgens, Colin Farrell, Anna Faris, Courteney Cox, Don Cheadle, Pele, Kirk Douglas, Philip K. Dick, Andy Warhol, Rob Zombie, Frank Zappa, Roseanne Barr, Matt Dillon, Clayton Kershaw, Andriy Shevchenko, Tom Jones, Jeremy Lin, Abhisit Vejjajiva

Compatibility with other zodiac signs[2][edit]

Among all the 12 animal signs, the Monkey has the most tacit understanding with the Dragon people. The cunning Rat can be good partner with the Dragon to make something big. The Dragon people can live happily with the Snake, for the snake can prevent the dragon from behaving outrageously. People under the signs of the Tiger, Rooster, Horse, Sheep, Rabbit and the Pig likes to be friends with the Dragon, as they admire the dragon's beautiful bearing and strength. Also, two Dragons can get along well with each other. However, the relationship between the Dragon and the Ox people are usually tense, because both of them are very majestic. The people that the Dragon feels headache most is the Dog. They feel uncomfortable due to the Dog people's close guard.

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