Dreamin' My Dreams (Marianne Faithfull album)

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Dreamin' My Dreams / Faithless
Studio album by Marianne Faithfull
Released 1976
Genre Country
Label NEMS Records[1]
Producer Mike Leander, Derek Wadsworth, John Worth, Bob Potter, Bill Landis
Marianne Faithfull chronology
Love In A Mist
Dreamin' My Dreams
Broken English

Dreamin' My Dreams is a 1976 album by singer Marianne Faithfull. It is Faithfull's first and only record of country music. The album was re-released two years later in 1978 as Faithless. The main difference between the albums is the album art, and some tracks are rearranged.[2] The musicians on both versions of the album are The Grease Band.

Track listing[edit]

Dreamin' My Dreams

  1. "Dreamin' My Dreams" (Allen Reynolds)
  2. "Fairy Tale Hero" (John Rostill)
  3. "This Time" (Waylon Jennings)
  4. "I'm Not Lisa" (Jessi Colter)
  5. "Way You Want Me to Be"
  6. "Wrong Road Ahead" (Allen Reynolds)
  7. "All I Wanna Do in Life" (Allen Reynolds, Sandy Mason Theoret)
  8. "I'm Looking for Blue Eyes"
  9. "Somebody Loves You" (Allen Reynolds)
  10. "Vanilla O'Lay" (Jackie DeShannon)
  11. "Lady Madelaine" (Marianne Faithfull, Bob Landis)
  12. "Sweet Little Sixteen" (Chuck Berry)

Faithless (Dreamin' My Dreams re-release)

  1. "Dreamin' My Dreams"
  2. "Vanilla O'Lay"
  3. "Wait for Me Down by the River" (Bob Johnson)
  4. "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (Bob Dylan)
  5. "Lady Madelaine"
  6. "Somebody Loves You" (CD bonus track)
  7. "All I Wanna Do in Life"
  8. "The Way You Want Me to Be" (David Price, Thomas Kelly)
  9. "Wrong Road Again"
  10. "That Was the Day (Nashville)" (Marianne Faithfull) (Recorded exclusively for this edition)
  11. "This Time"
  12. "I'm Not Lisa"
  13. "Fairy Tale Hero"
  14. "Honky Tonk Angels" (J.D. Miller) (Recorded exclusively for this edition)
  15. "I'm Looking for Blue Eyes" (CD bonus track)
  16. "Sweet Little Sixteen" (CD bonus track)

The Vinyl edition omits "Somebody Loves You", "I'm Looking For Blue Eyes" and "Sweet Little Sixteen".


  • Bill Landis – "Dreamin' My Dreams", "Lady Madelaine"
  • Bob Potter – "Wait for Me Down by the River", I'll Be Your Baby Tonight", That Was The Day (Nashville)", "Honky Tonk Angels"
  • Derek Wadsworth – "Vanilla O'Lay", The Way You Want Me to Be", Wrong Road Again", "This Time"
  • John Worth – "Somebody Loves You", All I Wanna Do in Life", "I'm Not Lisa", "Fairy Tale Hero"


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