Eccellenza Abruzzo

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Eccellenza Abruzzo
Feeder To
Serie D
Relegation To
Number of Teams
Coppa Italia Dilettanti
Current Champions (2013-14)
San Nicolò

Eccellenza Abruzzo is the regional Eccellenza football division for clubs in Abruzzo, Italy. It is competed amongst 18 teams and the winner is promoted to Serie D (usually to Girone F). The clubs that finishes between the second and the fifth place also have a chance to gain promotion. The winner of the regional play-off is entered into a national round which consists of two matches.

The squads for 2014-15[edit]

Team City Province
A.P. 2000 Calcio Acquaesapone Montesilvano Pescara
A.S.D. Alba Adriatica Calcio Alba Adriatica Teramo
A.S.D. Avezzano Calcio Avezzano L'Aquila
A.S.D. Borrello Borrello Chieti
A.S.D. Capistrello Capistrello L'Aquila
A.S.D. Cupello Calcio Cupello Chieti
A.S.D. Francavilla Francavilla al Mare Chieti
A.S.D. Martinsicuro Martinsicuro Teramo
A.S.D. Miglianico Calcio Miglianico Chieti
A.S.D. Montorio 88 Montorio al Vomano Teramo
A.S.D. Paterno Calcio Avezzano L'Aquila
A.S. Pineto Calcio Pineto Teramo
Renato Curi Angolana Città Sant'Angelo Pescara
U.S. San Salvo A.S.D. San Salvo Chieti
A.S.D. Sulmona Calcio Sulmona L'Aquila
Polis. D. Torrese Castellalto Teramo
A.S.D. Vastese Calcio Vasto Chieti
F.C.D. Vasto Marina Vasto Chieti

Past champions[edit]


L'Aquila also awarded promotion due to its inability to complete the league following the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake; the club was topping the league with Miglianico after Week 32, but was exempted from playing last two games

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