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Ehrlich is a German family name, meaning "honest" or "honorable". People with this surname include:

  • Abel Ehrlich (1915–2003), an Israeli composer of symphony music
  • Alojzy Ehrlich (1914–1992), a Polish table tennis legend
  • Anne H. Ehrlich (born 1933), a U.S. author of books on overpopulation and ecology
  • Arnold Bogomul Ehrlich (1848–1919), a biblical and rabbinical scholar who was born in Poland and immigrated to the U.S.
  • Eugen Ehrlich (1862–1922), an Austrian legal scholar
  • Eugene Ehrlich (1922–2008), a U.S. lexicographer and author
  • Felix Ehrlich (1877–1942), a German chemist and biochemist
  • Franz Ehrlich (1907-1984), a German architect
  • George Ehrlich (1897-1966), an Austrian-born sculptor, also active in England
  • Gretel Ehrlich (bor 1946), a U.S. travel writer
  • Howard Ehrlich, a U.S.sociologist and anarchist activist
  • Jake Ehrlich, (1900–1971), a U.S. attorney and author who was the model for Perry Mason
  • Jakob Ehrlich (1877–1938), an Austrian Zionist killed in the Nazi concentration camp, Dachau
  • Joseph Ehrlich (1914–2003) (Dr Joe Ehrlich), founded EMC Motorcycles after emigrating from Austria to Great Britain in 1930s
  • Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich (born 1961), a former first lady of Maryland
  • Lambert Ehrlich (1878–1942), a Slovene Roman Catholic priest, political figure, and ethnologist
  • Marty Ehrlich (b. 1955), a U.S. jazz musician
  • Max Ehrlich (1892–1944), a German actor, director and master of ceremony
  • Paul Ehrlich (1854–1915), a German scientist who won the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Paul R. Ehrlich (born 1932), a U.S. biologist and Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University
  • Philip Ehrlich, philosopher and logician
  • Ricardo Ehrlich, (born 1948), an Uruguayan politician
  • Robert "Bob" Leroy Ehrlich (born 1957), a U.S. politician and former governor of Maryland
  • S. Paul Ehrlich, Jr. (1937–2005), an acting Surgeon General of the United States from 1973 to 1977
  • Walter Ehrlich (1896–1968), a German philosopher
  • William Ehrlich (1894–1923), a German Nazi who was killed in the attempted coup of 1923 called the Beer Hall Putsch
  • Yakov Ehrlich (born 1988), a Russian professional football (soccer) player
  • Yom Tov Ehrlich (1914–1990), a Hasidic musician born in Poland who immigrated to the U.S.

Erlich, Erlikh[edit]

Ehrlichmann, Ehrlichman[edit]

  • John Ehrlichman, (1925-1999), assistant to U.S. President Richard Nixon, convicted in Watergate scandal