Ein Ayala

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Ein Ayala
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Ein Ayala is located in Israel
Ein Ayala
Ein Ayala
Coordinates: 32°37′44.76″N 34°56′43.8″E / 32.6291000°N 34.945500°E / 32.6291000; 34.945500Coordinates: 32°37′44.76″N 34°56′43.8″E / 32.6291000°N 34.945500°E / 32.6291000; 34.945500
Council Hof HaCarmel
Region Carmel
Affiliation Moshavim Movement
Founded 1949
Founded by Czechoslovakian immigrants
Website www.einayala.co.il

Ein Ayala (Hebrew: עֵין אַיָּלָה, lit. Doe Spring) is a semi-cooperative moshav in northern Israel. Located at the foot of Mount Carmel around 20 km south of Haifa, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Hof HaCarmel Regional Council. In 2006, it had a population of 789.


The moshav was founded in 1949 by immigrants from Czechoslovakia. According to Benny Morris, the land belonged to the depopulated Palestinian Arab village of Ayn Ghazal,[1] but Walid Khalidi writes that this is not correct.[2]

Today the moshav's main source of income is farming, mainly vegetables and fruit, although many residents work in nearby Haifa.

Ein Ayala Junction[edit]

Tzomet Ein Ayala (Hebrew: צומת עין איילה‎), between the Nahsholim and Ofer junctions, provides access to and from Highway 4 for cars traveling north or south along Israel's coastal plain.


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