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Emden Magan
Directed by Thirumurugan
Produced by Sathyajothy Thyagarajan
Starring Bharath
Saranya Ponvannan
Music by Vidyasagar
Cinematography Sevilo Raja
Release dates
7 September 2006
Country India
Language Tamil

Em Magan is a 2006 Tamil drama film directed by Thirumurugan. Bharath, Gopika and Nassar played the lead roles, while Vadivelu and Saranya Ponvannan appeared in supporting roles. Upon release, the film met with positive critical reception and commercial success.

It was remade in Kannada as "Puthra" with Diganth.


Thirumalai (Nassar) runs a provision shop in a village. He is called by the nick name Emden after the German battleship SMS Emden that threatened the east coast of British India in circa 1910. His son Krishna (Bharath), a student of poultry science, helps him in the shop. A strict father Emden is always at his son's back. His strict ways of dealing his son leaves an uncomfortable scene in the house. Vadivelu (Krishna's uncle) is the only solace for him in the house.

Krishna meets his childhood crush Janani (Gopika), daughter of his uncle (Shanmugarajan). Both their families are at loggerheads. A death in their family brings them together. Unfortunately Krishna and Janani are caught kissing which again leaves a split in the family. While Emden drives his son out, Janani also walks away with him. Finally Krishna succeeds in making a wonderful career and reuniting his family. At the end all the family is reunited and the couple wait their first child.



Soundtrack album by Vidyasagar
Released 2006
Label Sa Re Ga Ma
Producer Vidyasagar
Vidyasagar chronology
Pasa Kiligal

The soundtrack was composed by Vidyasagar.

Song Title Singers
Kalluri Generation Vijay Yesudas, Timmy
Unnoduthaan Ini Tippu, Subhiksha
Purinchiducha Purinchiducha Stephen Devassy, George Peter
Goligundu Kanu Karthik, Kalyani Nair
Maatram Ondre Madhu Balakrishnan
Varaaru Vaararu Mohan, Murali, Chandran


Critical Reception[edit]

The movie received positive reviews from crititcs. Many critics praised the performances of the lead cast and Nassar and Saranya's performances were praised as well. Many praises were also specially given to Vadivelu who shines in a role with equal opportunity for comedy, character and sentiments.

Behindwoods wrote, "The director has ensured that the producer recovers his money. A family melodrama well enacted. Thirumurugan is sure to continue his winning streak in Kollywood also.".[1]

Nowrunning.com wrote, "The Director has made very good debut into the big screen. The story and proceedings are very natural and produces intense feelings. The families and women folk might turn up in good numbers for the film. Some care could have been spared to the length of the film which seems a little too much. It is a good family emotional drama which is a must watch for all class of audience, especially in this age of generational differences. Both elders who brag about irresponsible youth and youth who sulk about authoritative elders have to watch this film.".[2]

OneIndia wrote, "Director M. Thirumurugan and his group have done a great job delivering an excellent movie reflecting family values and true love."[3]

Sify wrote, "Thirumurugan has extracted spell-binding performance from his lead actors and supporting cast. Every single actor in the film is lifelike and you automatically become a part of their large family. Nassar is top class while Saranya is so lovable. Bharath is maturing with each film. He inhabits Krishna with consummate ease, you can feel the yearning for love and respect from his father. The dignified manner in which he confronts Emttan in the end is truly amazing. Vadivelu is extraordinary and he is there in almost every frame. He excels not only in light hearted comedy scenes but is great in emotional scenes. His confrontation scenes with Emttan are a super treat. Gopika once again proves that she is a natural in front of the camera. At a time where many movies seem to speak from their wallets, here is one that speaks from the heart.". [4]

Indiagitz wrote, "Nasser as a strict father dazzles. He has lived the character. He brings to life a loving and caring father, who doesn't know how to show his love and affection towards his son. A seasoned actor, at several places, he lets has expressive eyes and body language does the talking. Bharath, who seems to choose his scripts with care, has played his part well. Maturing in every film, Bharath has proved that he can do serious roles too. Vadivelu hogs all limelight. Caught between Emtan and his son, he has given right expressions. More than his humor, his emotions click. Gopika fits in nicely as a comely girl. The movie also has Saranya, Shanmugarajan and Gajala among others. Vidyasagar is also another hero of the film. His background scores and folk-based tunes are big highlights. Sevilo Raja, the debutant cinematographer, has caught the emotions of artistes well with lots of close-up shots that have become a rarity these days. At a time when commercial cliches are holding sway, the director has tried his luck with emotions and sentiments. The story is set in an average middle-class family and the strength of the director lies in getting the specifics right and real.".[5]

Balaji Balasubramaniam of Thiraipadam.com wrote, "Bharath seems to be maturing into a very good and natural actor. He is able to express a lot of emotions with his expressions and body language and generates sympathy for his character. Nasser gets a role that makes full use of his piercing stares and rough voice. He is very convincing in the role and relishes the chance to play a fully-realized character instead of the half-baked two-dimensional villain roles he usually gets. Gopika looks as homely as the role calls for and has good chemistry with Bharath while Gajala is wasted in a throw-away role. Saranya, as always, is able to generate laughs with her slightly whiny voice while Vadivelu shines in a role with equal opportunity for both comedy and sentiments. Vidyasagar comes up with a nice melody in Unnodu Thaan."[6]

S. R. Ashok Kumar of The Hindu wrote, "Director Thirumurugan weaves through emotions and sentiments which form the base of the story. Nasser plays the arrogant father to perfection, shining in the climax, and Bharath as the timid son keeps pace very well. The young actor shows maturity in tackling the sensitive situations. It is a role Vadivelu has seldom essayed, a mixture of comedy and character, and he proves himself. It is not a meaty role for Gopika but that has not deterred her from putting up a good show. Gajala makes a brief appearance and does a neat job. Ramya, who makes her debut as Bharath's sister, deserves mention. Charanya as the mother torn between a tyrant husband and a son she loves and her brother Shanmugarajan (Virumandi fame) are apt for the roles. Another strength of the film is music — the songs and the background score well composed by Vidyasagar. `Purinchirucha' and `Goli Gondu' are already hits. Sevilo Raja's camera has charmingly picturised them. Only he could have paid more attention to the colour aspect. Thirumurugan, directing his first film, has shown that he can handle family drama quite well. He has a tight script and the scenes are arranged well leading to the climax. It is touching to find the son showing concern for the father in spite of the humiliation heaped on him. Such subtle touches show much thought has gone into the film. And the viewers are sure to relate to the scenes that are so down-to-earth.".[7]


Filmfare Awards South
Tamil Nadu State Film Awards

Box office[edit]

  • The film was a commercial success grossing $2 million at the box office.


The film was dubbed into Telugu as Vijeta.


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