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School of Higher Education in Advertising and Marketing
Type Private
Location São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Campus Urban

In 1951, the Escola de Propaganda do Museu de Arte de São Paulo [School of Advertising of Art Museum of São Paulo] (MASP), in São Paulo was founded. It was born from the perception of Pietro Maria Bardi, director of MASP, which received financial support from the communication entrepreneur, Assis Chateaubriand. Bardi then invited the writer and publicist Rodolfo Lima Martensen to prepare the creation project. The School, which started as a free course, and whose students finish the course already employed, always had strong links with the business world, advertising agencies, communication media and advertisers of that time. Loyal to its origins, ESPM offers today on its three campuses undergraduate courses in: Business Administration, Design, Journalism, Advertising and International Relations. ESPM also offers MBAs, Masters Degree courses in Marketing, specializations, academic, PhD, Executive Education, and several extension courses. The School is continually investing in knowledge production. Throughout its history, ESPM was chaired by Rodolfo Lima Martensen, Otto Scherb, Francisco Gracioso e Luiz Celso de Piratininga. Currently, its President is J. Roberto Whitaker Penteado.

Academic portfolio[edit]


The undergraduate courses at ESPM offer their students the opportunity of technical and creative development, based on themes of their subjects such as marketing, communication and management.


In the units in São Paulo and South, the Administration courses have an emphasis on marketing management and business, as well as strong incentives for entrepreneurship. The course stands out for its curriculum that features in-depth content: Economics, Finance, Management, Humanities, Marketing, Quantitative Methods and Scientific Methodology. Students of all units have the possibility of obtaining international double degree. In São Paulo, the student can choose their specialization in Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Management, International Business and Logistics. In the South, the education possibilities are: Digital Business, International Management and Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Governance. In Rio de Janeiro, the education is with emphasis on management of entertainment, which has the differentials of the disciplines such as visual, music, fashion, tourism, sport and cultural production. The course is permeated by creativity and content depth in the subjects in which the administration is based on.


In São Paulo, the education of the Design student is focused in Visual Communication - and the highlight of course is in brand development, visual identity, packaging, publishing segment and web platforms and 3D. In Rio de Janeiro, from the fifth semester the course offers specialization in Visual Communication and Animation, which is based in storytelling and transmedia. In the South, the education is focused in Visual Communication or Fashion Design.


ESPM shaped its Journalism course on two major lines: the analysis of the best practices of the most famous courses in journalism (from the country and the world), and an ombudsman's office of the main leaders and companies employing such professionals such as communication media, agencies and press offices. The course forms the multiplatform journalism professional able to work in the corporate communication area in private and public institutions. The pillars of the course are: Training in social journalism, Corporate communication, Professionalization and instrumentation, and Communication with the market.


Present in the DNA of the ESPM brand, the course of Advertising is a reference in the country, due to the higher concentration of teachers who work in the market and the modern infrastructure and differentiated with access to the most advanced technological and academic solutions, offering experiences and content depth to the student. The course offers students the model of choice of expertise from the fifth semester, allowing them to deepen the area they really want to act. In the São Paulo unit, it is possible to choose Planning and Integrated Communication, Creation, Brand Management, Products and Services, Marketing and Retail Trade. And the Rio de Janeiro unit also offers the first two options. On the South unit, the student can choose between Creation, Business or Digital Management.

International Relations[edit]

With the possibility of international double degree, the course of International Relations forms the corporate diplomat because in addition to the common skills of a traditional diplomat, this professional has large knowledge in multicultural business. The curriculum consists of courses of International Marketing, Finance, Metrics and Business Modeling, and Country Studies. Part of the class is taught in English or Spanish.

Graduation | Lato sensu[edit]

International Executive MBA Students have a range of opportunities for their professional development in international environments. In this context it is mandatory to perform the international module in specific courses taught by academic partners at ESPM in their respective countries of origin. The modules can be done at FIU (Florida International University), in Miami (USA), and at Eada (Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración) in Barcelona (Spain). The International Executive MBA is offered at ESPM São Paulo and ESPM South.

There are also the following MBA courses:

ESPM São Paulo • Market Management • Applied Consumer Sciences • Digital Marketing • Sports Marketing • Real Estate Business

ESPM Rio de Janeiro • Strategic Design • Business Management and Competitive Intelligence • Sports Management and Marketing • Strategic Marketing

ESPM Sul • Strategic Leadership of Business and Personnel • Finance and Corporate Governance • Project Management • Sales and Relationship Management • Strategic Business Management • Marketing and Communications • Applied Consumer Sciences • Fashion Marketing • Digital Marketing • Marketing and Management in Agribusiness

Master in Marketing[edit]

The Graduate program aims to train professionals to work in the field of marketing and strategy for organizations of different sizes and sectors. The formation obtained with the Masters degree in Marketing enables full control of the marketing techniques and their use as an important management tool for organizations that operate in complex and changing environments. The program provides a complete curriculum in relation to key aspects of marketing, culminating in the development of a marketing plan, in which the themes addressed throughout the course are consolidated applying them in the field. The student of the Masters degree in Marketing earns the credits relating to elective subjects in specific courses taught by academic partners at ESPM in their countries of origin. It's given the possibility of course at FIU (Florida International University), in Miami (USA), and at Eada (Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración) in Barcelona (Spain). Master in Marketing is offered at ESPM São Paulo and ESPM Sul.

Post-Graduation (specialization)[edit]

The post-graduate courses of ESPM offer excellent alternatives for specialization. Aimed at professionals who want to enhance or accelerate their careers in companies (public or private) or the third sector, they allow students to recycle or deepen their knowledge in the area of interest, combining the pragmatism necessary for contemporary practices of business management. The faculty is composed of academically qualified professionals (teachers and doctors) who have real experience of acting in the market and dominate the most modern techniques of teaching and learning. This balance helps to train students with a solid conceptual basis, critical view of reality and ability to bring to everyday business all that was presented and discussed in class.

ESPM São Paulo • Journalism with an emphasis in Editorial Directing ESPM Rio de Janeiro • Integrated Organizational Communication • Franchise Management • Entertainment Management • Journalism • Marketing and Digital Design • Business Management and Marketing • Sponsorships and Cultural Policy • 1st Management: Business Management and Marketing

Post-Graduation | Stricto sensu[edit]

The doctoral programs and academic master's degree of ESPM are offered through the programs of post-graduate studies in São Paulo unit. Recognized by Capes, present as focused training of researchers and professors, high-level competence with national and international insertion, able to work in the proposed areas in level of research, teaching and guidance. Research in ESPM is constantly evolving and new programs are being planned in all three units.

Offered Courses: • PPGCOM-ESPM: Doctorate program in Communication and Consumer Practices • PPGCOM-ESPM: Master's program in Communication and Consumer Practices • PMGI-ESPM: academic master's degree course in International Management

Executive Education[edit]

The corporate programs offered by ESPM are developed from the perspective of the customer, according to the company's culture, needs, expectations and profiles of professionals who will participate in activities. After an initial briefing meeting, the client receives a formal proposal, whose content and methodologies can be adjusted until the goals are proposed according to perceived need. Besides the set of factors that ensure the success of corporate programs, one of the highlights is up to the detailed study of the characteristics and the reality of the company, ensuring that the issues discussed in class are relevant to the daily life of the organization. ESPM provides its clients at no additional cost, facilities, equipment and support personnel to carry out programs in São Paulo or in any city in which the school is present. MBAs and graduate courses are offered in São Paulo, MBAs and graduate courses can be self-financed in closed classes per company or consortium - as well as outreach programs, lectures, seminars and workshops for professional development closed to companies. The programs are developed within the areas of operation of ESPM, like business management, marketing, people management, communication and sales. They can be applied in English, Portuguese or Spanish, in companies of any city in the country or abroad. In ESPM the training of talents is guided by ethics, which ensures the protection of the information disclosed in the classroom. During classes, when participants refer to the company's strategic issues, the issues are debated and kept under the strictest secrecy by the teacher.


Keeping up to date is a prerequisite for professional success. ESPM offers some options for courses of short and medium term with the objective of contributing to the development of market professionals.

Update, intensive and advanced courses[edit]

Programs of short and medium term for those who wish to increase their knowledge in their area of interest or meet new business areas, improving their job skills and acquainting themselves with what happens in the market. The mix of programs includes the classic areas, as well as new trends in communication, marketing and management.

Centro de Inovação e Criatividade ESPM (CIC)[edit]

Photography Course[edit]

The South unit offers annually the photography course, with the goal of promoting direct access to multiple forms of exercise photography as a basic condition for learning, keeping parallel the theoretical, historical, technical and practical aspects of the photographic act. Classes are expository, demonstration and practice, based on real work situations.

Vacation and Itinerant courses[edit]

During the vacation period, ESPM offers short courses in the areas of marketing, communications, digital, management, sales, design and creativity. Some cities in Brazil also receive the main courses for one or two weeks.

Creation School[edit]

Miami Ad School/ESPM[edit]

Miami Ad School/ESPM is based in São Paulo and, in 2013, began activities in Rio de Janeiro.

ESPM Distance Learning (EAD)[edit]

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