Farm Out

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...Farm Out!
Studio album by Rednex
Released 2000
Recorded Pre-2000
Genre Techno-country, eurodance
Label Jive Records
Producer Pat Reiniz, Janne Ericsson, Anders Hansson, Denniz Pop, Max Martin, David Millington, Stefan Sir Een, Leskelä Teijo, Anders Hellquist, Thomas Hegert
Rednex chronology
Sex & Violins
Farm Out
The Best of the West

Farm Out (Also written and stylized as out!) is the name of the second album by techno-country eurodance group Rednex. The three singles "The Way I Mate", "The Spirit Of The Hawk" and "Hold Me For A While" have been released of the album. It is also the first and only album to feature the second female leadsinger Mia Löfgren, after original singer Annika Ljungberg departed to start a solo career. After the albums' third single release, Mia left the band. Although in the same vein as their debut album, this album was not as successful as Sex & Violins. The song "Bottleneck Bob" appears as a new 2000 version, which had been previously released as a B-Side on their single "Rolling Home".

Track listings[edit]

  1. "Intro - Fresh Pigs And More" - 1:00
  2. "The Spirit of the Hawk" (F.A.F. Radio Mix) - 3:57
  3. "The Way I Mate" - 3:43
  4. "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" - 3:35
  5. "Hold Me for a While" - 4:44
  6. "Boring..." - 0:28
  7. "Where You Gonna Go" - 3:23
  8. "Maggie Moonshine" (Extended Version) - 4:20
  9. "Animal in the Rain" - 0:11
  10. "Ranger Jack" - 4:15
  11. "Get the Truck Loaded" - 3:43
  12. "Message From Our Sponsors" - 0:49
  13. "Is He Alive" - 3:22
  14. "McKenzie Brothers II (Continued...)" - 3:58
  15. "Bottleneck Bob 2000" - 3:38