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Feedback is a series broadcast on BBC Radio 4, presented by Roger Bolton.


Originally a 15-minute programme, Feedback began in 1979 replacing Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells. Amongst its earlier presenters were Colin Semper, a former head of Religious Broadcasting, and Susan Marling. Mary Whitehouse, a regular critic of BBC programming policy, was a temporary presenter in the mid 1980s. For many years in the 1980s and 1990s it was fronted by Chris Dunkley, at that time television critic for the Financial Times (he was always introduced as "Chris Dunkley of the Financial Times", with the intention of reinforcing his independence from BBC management).


The presenter introduces listeners' letters, phone calls, emails or tweets. The series covers other BBC national stations, such as Radio 1. On occasion, comments read have less to do with content than with media by which programmes may be broadcast; for instance the iPlayer. It is a conduit for enraged listeners to enunciate their outrage or enraptured listeners their praise for specific BBC radio programmes.

Producers of radio programmes are often invited for a polite question and answer session with Roger Bolton. However, not everyone agrees to take part.


The programme is normally on Friday from 4:30 to 5:00pm (UK time), usually repeated on Sunday between 8 and 8:30pm. The programme is off air in summer; in 2008, it was first broadcast for its autumn season on 19 September 2008. The 34 programmes a year are produced by Whistledown Productions in London. Whistledown took over the production of the programme from City Broadcasting in October 2010, which had produced Feedback since November 2006. Previous to that, Testbed Productions had produced the show for twelve years.

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The television equivalent of Feedback is Points of View.

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