Fill Your Head with Rock (Kim Mitchell album)

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Fill Your Head with Rock
Greatest hits album by Kim Mitchell
Released 2005
Genre Rock
Label Sweden Rock
Kim Mitchell chronology
Fill your head with rock
Ain't Life Amazing

Fill Your Head with Rock is a 2005 compilation album from Canadian singer and guitarist Kim Mitchell.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Rock'N'Roll Duty"
  2. "Monkey Shine"
  3. "Big Smoke"
  4. "Wonder Where and Why"
  5. "Stickin' My Heart"
  6. "Fill Your Head With Rock"
  7. "Lick Yer Finger"
  8. "Lager & Ale"
  9. "Human Condition"
  10. "World's Such a Wonder"
  11. "Kimosabe"
  12. "Get Lucky (Boys & Girls)"
  13. "Skinny Buddah"
  14. "Find The Will"
  15. "Go For Soda"
  16. "I Am A Wild Party"
  • This compilation was only released in Europe

DVD Live Concert[edit]

  1. "That's the hold"
  2. "Rocklandwonderland"
  3. "The Crossroads"
  4. "Lost Lovers Found"
  5. "Battlescar"
  6. "All We Are"
  7. "That's A Man"
  8. "O Mercy Louise"
  9. "Easy to Tame"
  10. "Patio Lanterns"
  11. "Go For Soda"
  12. "Rock'N'Roll Duty"


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