Five Star Motel

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Five Star Motel
Studio album by Andy Stochansky
Released 2002
Genre Rock
Length 44:50
Label RCA
Producer Tom Rothrock, Dennis Herring, Ian LeFeuvre
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Five Star Motel

Five Star Motel is the third studio album by Andy Stochansky.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Stutter"   Andy Stochansky, Ian LeFeuvre, L. Goldblatt 3:41
2. "Paris"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, John, Taupin 3:48
3. "Here nor There"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre 4:07
4. "Wonderful (It's Superman)"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, Chris Thomas-King, L. Whynot 3:10
5. "22 Steps"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre 3:49
6. "Clay Pigeon"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, Whynot 3:15
7. "One Day"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, Alana Davis 3:25
8. "Miss USA"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, Jesse Davis, John Humphrey, Zac Maloy 3:47
9. "Wedding Song"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, A. Jones 3:33
10. "Mavis Said..."   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, A. Lawryshyn 4:11
11. "Everest"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre 3:32
12. "Hymn"   Stochansky, LeFeuvre, R. Hall 4:32
Total length: